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My IT! Live - Virtual Reality as a Learning Space

The environment designed for the learner is one of virtual reality. When the learner embarks on a exercise such as ‘Buying a Ticket Online’ they will see and experience what appears to be a real web site. However, it is a carefully designed learning space where the learner can acquire skills and knowledge by undertaking tasks, but most importantly can make mistakes and try again until they master each step along the way.

The exercises in My IT! are designed at three different levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced. The instructions are given in text boxes to guide the learner through every single step needed to complete the exercise. These instructions are interactive and only when the learner has mastered a step will the next instruction appear. The learner is encouraged to attempt to carry out the required step and can keep trying until success is achieved working steadily towards exercise completion. Some of the exercises are naratted which enhances learner understanding by providing a friendly 'voice over' of each text instruction.

Why not have a look at comments from Tutors and Learners and get some tips on how to navigate?

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