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About the WrITe Skills Project

The WrITe Skill’s project is focused on the development of ICT based tools for addressing youth and adult literacy, numeracy and digital literacy using dynamic, person-centred and IT / web based multi-lingual tools, courseware and products. The project will involve the production of generic software resources to develop trainees’ literacy and numeracy skills while facilitating the acquisition ICT proficiency. In WrITe Skill’s a range of media, learning resources and courseware will be developed / adapted in keeping with best practice in the field of basic skills development including multiple intelligences theories / e-learning capacity involving software and curricula which exploit audio-visual technologies in an interactive platform.

With focus on vocationally specific materials based on the interest and needs of learners, WrITe Skill’s will enable participants avail of media and voice-over technologies to select phrases, construct words and sentences , to play 'learning' games and generally experience content rich, context relevant and very supportive environments which are developed to improve literacy and numeracy. The literacy / numeracy solutions developed will be positioned within a blended-learning framework overcoming the barriers embedded in much traditional teaching / learning approaches, involving experience of simulated scenarios such as online-shopping /banking, accessing various forms of media for learning and entertainment etc.

The products produced by the project are named My IT! and are available live online in the My IT! Live section of the web site. My IT! tutor and learners booklets are available for download in the Resources section of the web site.

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