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World Basketball Manager 2 Free Download [serial Number]

World Basketball Manager 2 Free Download [serial Number]

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About This Game

Start an international career as a basketball manager in the ultimate old school sport management game!

WBM2 is not just the latest addition to the successful series of basketball management games, but a completely new game, based on a super fast engine and a friendly and simple interface.

Starting the game you can take control of your favorite club and national team and lead them to glory.

In your new job as the clubs manager, you will have control of all the team's departments, the transfers, the players' training and every other aspect of a basketball club. And when the match day comes, you must select the perfect line up and give the right orders to counter the opposing manager’s plans and lead your players to victory. But most of all you must keep the administration happy and not get fired!

As your career progress you can accept job offers from around the world or try to stay for ever in your favorite club.

•Covers ALL serious basketball action around the world!
•Simple and easy to use interface.
•Fast paced gameplay.
•No need to select leagues to play. Game speed is fast with all leagues open.
•Over 1,100 teams including national and international teams.
•Over 13,500 basketball players.
•Over 1,200 managers.
•Over 100 full playing national and international competitions.
•Challenging A.I.
•Daily news coverage per Continent, Country, Tournament, Team and Player.
•Deep simulation of the basketball world.
•Realistic statistics and basketball atmosphere. 7aa9394dea

Title: World Basketball Manager 2
Genre: Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Icehole Games
Strategy First
Release Date: 22 Jun, 2017


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The game crashes randomly... some options not work at all... You have no control of tactics, trade, finance. Idea is good but game is not!. I love this game and for \u00a36.99 you can't go wrong. I love my sports management sims but i'm usually put off when I see that the matches are only text based. Well I don't know how the developers have done it but they've really made me feel like i'm immersed in a huge basketball world. I'm not normally a basketball fan, so I don't fully know how the rules of the game work, but even though there's a lot of depth to this game, it's still easy enough for the beginner to figure out after a few games what's going on. The matches are quite long so I don't know if I could sit and spend a whole day playing it, so i've simmed it to the current date and I play it in real time, it just feels more exciting doing it that way.. A very complete game if you are looking for managin a basketball team. No Chinese translation. some ok stuf but this game have a huge flaws on the salary sistem. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the game.

Back in 2003, when the first WBM was released, it was a very good effort and something innovative. I didn't mind the bugs and flaws because if the game was further developed, something great would happen.

14 years later, I cannot mind the bugs and flaws. Not when the game has been reskinned and reselled multiple times in the past.

First of all, expect a little level of realism and immersion from the game. You cannot set your own tactics (and as we know, basketball has A LOT of tactics involved), you cannot interact with the players or the media, there are no trades, the AI keeps changing defensive tactics every two minutes (no real coach does that for 40 or 48 minutes), there is no scouting (as in discover players with potential, as a matter of fact there is no potential ability), you can bring any player you want as long as you have the money (Lebron James to Euroleague? Why not?) and the game doesn't do a good job distinguishing tiers of players, as the stats scale from 1 to 20, there are no mental stats and no signature moves. For example, If a player has 17 in 3pt shots, he can play exactly the same in NBA or in a local low tier league.

The game has no depth.

What you can expect is a lot of bugs. The game crashes randomly and some options simply don't work. I can't get to play in Windowed mode, for example, there is an option but does nothing. If you transfer list a player there is no way to make him unavailable for sale again. If you try to change offensive options when the game is on, it will mess your other settings. Clearly, there is a lot of work to be done for the game to become stable and usable 100%.

From 2003 until today, basketball has changed a lot. Unfortunately WBM hasn't. The only thing that is better is the speed of processing between days, it was much worse back then.

I don't expect a full fledged manager game like FM for football. But 14 years is a lot of time to change something in the match engine, nothing has been done.

I wish the best for the devs and the game, we need a good basketball manager sim. But right now, I cannot recommend it.. Absolutely banger of a game!

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