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Technology is growing every year beyond our expected level. You can see the effective impact of technology in every field. Especially in online marketing, the impact is even higher which make our all transaction simple.


In that list, Barcodes are also a well-known technology which plays a vital role in a shopping mall, supermarket and some other manufacturing companies. The main use of the bar codes is storing product data. Barcodes are normally printed with the black and white lines combination which has the unique product data. 


What is the use of barcodes?


Normally you print the all the product features and specification on the product. Barcodes help you to stores the all relevant information of a product within in small bar lines. The bar codes include product specification, Price and manufacturer details. 


This lines can be read only by the barcodes reader and smartphones which have the feature to scan the barcodes. The barcodes will be associated with your product database and billing software. It makes the product simple and the user can understand the product details without the shopkeeper help. It makes the billing easier. It consumes only less time. 


How does barcode works?


The bar codes are machine readable code which can be understood only by the computer and smartphones. The bar codes are designed with a binary system which is 1s and 0s. While designing the barcodes the specific value will be encrypted with the white and black bars. When the light from the scanner falls on the barcodes, the white lines will reflect the light.


The machines read the black line as 1s and white lines as the 0s. The unique value will be decrypted from the barcodes by the system then it passes the signals to search the value with product database. If the value is matched with the database it will display the product data and prices. 

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