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About This Game

Welcome to Westard VR!

Get ready to heist banks and rob trains solo or in co-op with friends! Take it to the western streets to decide who controls the town in pvp multiplayer modes.

Key Features
  • Sneak into a bank and pick a lock or blow up the entire vault wall to pieces! Take friends with you or do it solo, but prepare to fight waves of guards in single-player and multiplayer co-op missions.
  • Take the fight to the western town streets in multiplayer PvP modes:
    • Robbery: Collect money by taking down other players and stealing loot from banks!
    • Classic deathmatch
  • Manual weapon handling and loading
    • You only have five bullets in your Single-Action Revolver before needing to take cover and load! And remember to draw the hammer to fully cocked position!
  • Locomotion
    • Touchpad movement
    • Comfort mode: Touchpad movement, but you control your "ghost" in 3rd person before teleporting to its location

Title: Westard
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access
Release Date: 10 Jan, 2018


There is so much goodness in this title already, and I can't wait to see how it grows.
Themamtically in design and look it is dead on.

The shooting mechanics are almost perfect (still struggling with the rifles myself) and add to the tension and feeling of succes when nailing a target from yards away.

I really like the different game modes that are already in the game, and looking forward to seeing what else the dev's can fit in.

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