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Viki Spotter: The Farm Crack 32 Bit

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About This Game

Located on a farm is a cute, hard working red haired girl called Viki. She likes adventuring, fun and asking too many questions! She never sits on the spot - she is always found exploring far and wide. This time she found herself on an unknown farm. Help Viki deal with deceptively identical pairs of pictures and find all the differences!


  • A charming and joyful main character
  • Countless colorful and radiant pictures
  • The ability to improve your concentration and focus
  • Steam Achievements!
  • Support for all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, SteamOS)

Young explorer Viki, with a magnifying glass in her hand, has somehow wandered to a spectacular, picturesque farm, on which life is nevet boring: a mill can be seen spinning, a tractor is grumbling on the fields, colorful flowers with soothing aromas are blossoming everywhere and various friendly pets are wandering all around. However, the vicinity of the farm hides many secrets! Help Viki find all the differences that are presented on these realistic pairs of pictures and solve the mysteries! The pictures perfectly represent how an actual farm works - by solving the puzzles you will soon get acquainted with how the daily life on a farm goes by. A perfect educational adventure game, suited for children and adults alike! Countless fun adventures are waiting for you!


Title: Viki Spotter: The Farm
Genre: Casual, Indie
For Kids
For Kids
Viki Spotter
Release Date: 1 Feb, 2018


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Core2Duo
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD2000
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: any


very good and relaxing game, achievements work, small price, easy game for all ages, so all in one 10\/10. Viki Spotter, is a find everything wrong in the 2 pictures game. Designed for children, but adults will find it fun too.The only complaint I have is that it is too short. I completed it in under an hour. To the Devs: Make more please. 10\/10.. This is an example of how to don't make the games. There is not a problem, that game is short.
Problem is, that somebody charges money for this product. Author should pay the people to play it and then tell him to don't make any other game in the future at all. Every programmer must begin in some way, but it is very inappropriate to sell his first attempts. Just a few examples of this practise:

- there is not an information, you found all the objects in level!
- marking found object by same sized circle and only in one picture
- lack of settings, e.g. difficulty, player etc...
- repeating objects in levels
- game is not increasing difficulty, last level is same as the first one
- achievement for every single found object (really, I'm not joking)
- why I'm loosing time with review for something like this? :)
. A great choice if you are looking for a game for children. The game itself is easy, children will cope with it, and you will be rewarded with achievements. Although some achievements are difficult to find, so there are endless tips. In this game there are a lot of colorful levels that are executed in a nice graphics. In general, the game is good, and it can be enjoyed by adults, too.. Short but good game. much easier than "Aquascapes". Easy game for achievement hunters and for those who want to play relaxing mindless games. It is nice to keep some kiddy games inside your library (in case you have visitors with kids around).

This game is actually great for children between age 3-5. Spot the difference is a fun game that helps your child to concentrate, think, and learn to notice detail. Interact and bond with your child - explain the pictures and give hints if your child needs a quick tip (before he\/she gets frustrated).

This game is NOT<\/u><\/b> for those who love challenges - totally not challenging.<\/i>

100% achievement?<\/b> Yes, within 10-30 mins.
Language barrier?<\/b> No barriers.
Graphic?<\/b> Decent.
Difficulty?<\/b> 1\/10

. Casual game but very entertaining. You have to find the difference between 2 pictures that look alike.
I liked the pictures. They are very colorful.
The game is short -24 scenes- but that's okey for the price. It didn't take me 1.2 hours. I was watching TV and got distracted and forgot the game for 20 or 30 minutes. Again I'm okey with it being short.
If you are not, then don't purchase it. Buying the game, getting all achievements and then asking for refund is just so petty.
The best part is that you need to finish all 24 levels to get all achievements, not only open the game. Kudos to the dev.
It's ideal for when you have 30 minutes to spare and don't want to play anything too complicated or demanding. Or wants to play while listening to music.
Hope the dev turns into a series and release other games like this one.. Good game with good music, but little bit short. (24 lvls)
Easiest Viki Spotter.

- music on\/off (very loud)
- After first lvl I got "complete all levels" achievement.. This is a casual \u201cspot the difference\u201d game. Since it\u2019s geared towards kids, most of the differences are pretty obvious. Although most puzzles will have 1-3 things that are a little harder to find.

Every time you find a difference you get an achievement, which is why there are almost 300 for this game. One glitch I had was entering a scene and then exiting popped the \u201cComplete all levels\u201d achievement.

There are 24 scenes. All of which are vibrant and fun to look at.

+Difficulty great for kids (and adults when you want to zone out for 30 minutes!)
+It works!

+Short (depends who is playing)
+Music loops too frequently (I muted the game and played my own music)

Got this for 49 cents on sale. Worth every penny to relax for 30-35 minutes. Even the asking price is fine if you\u2019re playing with a kid that will take more time and learn from it.

5\/10<\/b> Average

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