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Underworld: Blood Wars Full Movie In Hindi 720p

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Original Title: Underworld: Blood Wars

Genge: Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Horror










































As the relentless war against the hordes of the bestial Lycan Clan rages on and the truthful allies have shamelessly turned to enemies, once an Elite Death Dealer and now a betrayed and despised pariah, Selene is caught in the middle of a bloodthirsty and ancient war. Inevitably, with the Western Coven utterly destroyed and her daughter Eve, the first pure-blood hybrid, hidden from the world and herself, Selene is hunted down by both Lycans and Vampires alike. Moreover, with the intention to possess Eve's vital blood to create an invincible hybrid army, the Lycans who have regrouped and replenished in the meantime, head to destroy the Vampire's final sanctuary. Who can stand in their way?
The outcast Selene is hunted down by the Lycans led by the powerful Marius that wants her daughter Eve and by the vampires seeking revenge for the death of Viktor and Marcus. Out of the blue, she is attacked by Lycans but David helps her but is wounded. Meanwhile, the ambitious vampire Semira convinces David's father Thomas to plead to Cassius and the council of their coven to forgive the skilled Selene to train the new Death Dealers. He succeeds, but Selene and David are betrayed by Semira and her lover Vargas and David witnesses Semira killing his father. They have to flee to seek shelter at the Nordic Coven Vador where David learns the truth about his mother. When the sanctuary is invaded by Marius and the Lycans, Selene fights Marius that wants to know Eve's whereabouts. Who will win the fight?
I had high hopes for this movie and had been waiting impatiently for it. And it was worth the wait. Got some surprises that had me going, "Holy cow, never saw that coming." I love that in a movie. I really appreciated the review in the beginning. That helped ground me again,even though I watched all of them again in preparation for this one. And probably will again. Kate did a great job as Selene and still kicks butt with the best of them. In Awakenings, I wasn't really into David's character. But in this movie, I think his role grew nicely. More depth and character development made me like him even more. And learning about his past got me more invested in him as well. They rounded his character off nicely, and I'm interested to see where they take it. What intrigues me is that they left a lot of room for future movies. I sure hope Kate signs on for more, because she's pretty much why I watch these.
In the 2006 film CLICK (a throwback to a strange era when Adam Sandler was considered one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood) a very hammy Chris Walken, playing the Devil, takes a moment to tell Sandler (playing the husband) of Beckinsale, in all seriousness, and with a straight face, "Your wife is smoking hot." Which in a nutshell explains the staying power of Underworld I, a film I have seen perhaps 8 times so far. It combined a kickass script with great action sequences and featured Kate as perhaps the sexiest vampire in film history.

Flash forward through several sequels (too many) and we still have Kate ... but little else. One of the worse scripts in recent memory, so bad it verily fails the late Roger Ebert's "20 minute test" (if a film fails to hook up in the first 20 minutes, leave the theatre).

Horrible story, horrible characters, and overall a pretty rotten movie.

Advice -- go see the first one all over again. You'll thank me in the morning, If you like sexy vampires or ferocious werewolves, you can do much better than this exhausted, computerized sequel.


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