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The Mysteries Of Baroque Download Crack Serial Key

The Mysteries Of Baroque Download Crack Serial Key

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About This Game

Mad science raised you from the dead! Pursue justice or vengeance, love or secrets, as you save or destroy the world with forbidden eldritch power.

The Mysteries of Baroque is a 200,000-word interactive Gothic horror novel by William Brown, where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

One dark and stormy night in a remote castle in the mountains, you awake anew, resurrected by the brilliant Dr. Holofernes. But even a mad scientist can't keep you alive forever. As the procedure reverses itself over time, you will begin to die again. You must fight to stay alive long enough hunt down your killers, avenge yourself, and protect the ones you love.

Operating out of the mysterious Grand Guignol Theater, your quest will take you through the darkest shadows of the city of Baroque, the City of Dreadful Night, from its vast subterranean slums to the opulent mansions of its jaded, debauched aristocracy. Will you lose yourself in the distractions of romance, assure your own survival through the Holofernes Procedure, or sacrifice everything to take your revenge?

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, or ace.
  • Fight to reclaim your old life and identity – or make a new home for yourself in the Grand Guignol Theater
  • Trade your soul to a dark god in return for vengeance – or reject its help and fight alone.
  • Stalk your killers through the glittering demimonde, mansions, and the slums.
  • Learn the sanity-blasting secrets of the occult and risk your mind by unleashing them on your enemies.
  • Use the power of science to devise and build bizarre inventions: death rays, gliders, and hallucinogenic grenades.
  • Augment your regenerating body with clockwork technology like wings, a camera eye, or steel claws.
  • Uphold the forces of law and order, the revolutionary Worker’s Council, or the enigmatic Vendetta faction in the battle for Baroque’s soul.
  • Embark on dream quests and night visions to learn new skills and uncover ancestral memories.
  • Bring comfort and hope to the suffering citizens of Baroque, or drive them further into darkness in pursuit of vengeance.

You died betrayed. You died in pain. And your troubles are just beginning. 7aa9394dea

Title: The Mysteries of Baroque
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Choice of Games
Choice of Games
Release Date: 20 Sep, 2018


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I liked the concept and the different branches, but a lot of the story feels more like exposition and it\u2019s really hard to bond with the characters as we hardly spend time with them. There\u2019s not a lot of time to truly connect and the romances have a \u2018strangled by the red string\u2019 feel. That being said there\u2019s a lot of branches and different ways to do the story so you\u2019ll get your money\u2019s worth on the sale if you\u2019re okay with all the expositions and the sparing use of dialogue.
If you\u2019re looking for a character driven story that allows you to bond with said characters--which is what I'm personally into--you won\u2019t get much here.. Enjoyed the worldbuilding and liked it more that Affairs of the Court. It felt a little bit short and consequently the characters could have been better fleshed out, but overall, it was pleasant to read and see how your choices affect the outcomes. Also appreciated the literature references like Metamorphosis and Moloch.. Aside from some pacing issues, the story is very engaging and immersive(also romance is A plus). The saga setting is very believable and attractive too. Recommended.. Over all this game has many branching paths and its hard to tell where you will be going, BUT, with all the branches that just means you will have more of a reason to go back and re-play the game. I for one like the game, YES there is more dialog and less choices than most "Choice of" games, still it was a good first play though and I hope to figure out how to get a better ending. over all a 8\/10.. Befriended a bug-man, fed a vampire, and fought a god. Excellent game.. I really enjoyed this game because of its gothic horror setting and how well written it was. However, I do agree with a previous reviewer AMWild that not enough time and attention was spent on the NPCs you encounter such that your relationships with them do not run very deep at all. Also I found some chapter transitions jarring. Just as I was settling in and getting immersed in the City, you're yanked away to encounter something really overblown (in my opinion). Maybe it's just my personal distaste for that particular story trope.

Anyway, this is one of the better Choice of Games titles. Go ahead, give it a whirl ;)

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