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The Dark Avengers Movie Hindi Free Download

The Dark Avengers Movie Hindi Free Download ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: The Dark Avengers

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery







































Bryan Yuen Sage has spent the last two years of his life among criminals as a vigilante that has become something of an urban legend. While fearing he's on his last bit of humanity, his former best friend, Kevin Matthew Smith, experiences a similar tragedy - the murder of a significant other. Soon Kevin is on the same dark path as his friend, who he believed dead.
Two years ago Bryan Yuen Sage left one life and entered another, a life among criminals, hunting them and destroying them. It's almost as if fate chose him, and the last thing that he would ever want, if for this fate to choose another.
I attended a showing of this film in Dallas in 2005 rather randomly, based on a flyer I'd seen passed around. I had nothing to do, and it looked interesting, so I figured I'd attend.

I didn't know that I was in for a treat. The small venue was packed, all of the seats full with many people actually STANDING as well. Apparently the filmmakers promoted this film very very well.

There were technical difficulties, but marginal, not too distracting and actor Brandon Slagle amused us all with jokes and wry commentary over the soundsystem when that happened.

Now, to the film...

It follows the story of an urban vigilante named Bryan Sage (portrayed by Brandon Slagle). After the murder of a girlfriend he cut himself off from the rest of the world and with the help of a CSI, began waging a war against the city's criminal element. A couple of years after he disappeared to do this, a friend of his, Kevin Matthew Smith (Jeremy Johnson - who co-directed with brandon) winds up encountering a similar fate and beings heading down the same dark path as his old friend.

A criminal network dealing with underground pornography had a part to play in Kevin's's a little vague but apparently Kevin's pregnant wife had once worked for them and blackmailed them to get out, hence their revenge on her and the creation of Kevin as a vigilante.

Kevin and Bryan's paths soon cross. Bryan is intent on steering Kevin clear of the same fate as him. Eventually, however, even though he redeems himself, he fails in steering Kevin clear of the same fate. BY the end of the film, Bryan has returned to a normal life and Kevin has become essentially a zombie-like crimefighter.

I was very impressed by the film and had no idea I'd be in for such a treat. The music was VERY well done, the pacing and storyline, although not completely original and drawing on many past revenge films and comic books, still felt amazingly fresh. The action scenes and brief CGI were very well done. Basically, everything was handled in a very realistic way, and parts of the film were actually quite heartbreaking to watch.

Brandon Slagle, as the film's co-lead, possesses a certain subtle style and brings real humanity and vulnerability to a character that most would have played stoic and icy. I could easily see this guy going somewhere fast. The rest of the main cast holds up well, too. Jeremy is great as a lost, internalized man and the 2 lead villains are sick fun.

I hope to see this released elsewhere.


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