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Action-based combat and movement — No queued up actions like many massively multiplayer online games. You are in direct control of your ship. Star Sonata is a 3D top down action based game. Other games, you just press a dodge key, but in Star Sonata you have to manually pilot your ship and avoid those laser beams, bullets, and missiles! Using real time strategy (RTS) controls you can also create robot controlled ships to fight alongside you and deploy defensive or offensive drone platforms.

Build your Empire in a Sandbox style universe — Manage your colonies, build bases, deploy defensive drones, establish trade routes with robot controlled ships. The universe resets every 3-4 months which randomizes the galaxies in player buildable space, creating new conflict where there were once settled borders. Players can advance economically by trading between bases, creating their own bases and colonies, killing enemies, collecting Player versus Player (PVP) bounties, or completing one of the 2000 missions. There are thousands of different items that can be obtained or constructed and sold to other players.

Become Emperor of the Universe — A player can “win” the game by declaring themselves emperor and defending their palace successfully until the end of the universe. Don’t like the Emperor or want to be the Emperor yourself? Star Sonata is a player vs player game with the universe separated into distinct PVP and non-PVP zones; fight your enemies and lead your team to glory. You can partake in large scale PVP conflicts with hundreds of players, or even little skirmishes on fringe systems.

No two players are alike — Star Sonata includes a wide variety of skills and customization options including eight classes, four trade skills, 127 total skills that give various stat increases that the players can train, over 250 player obtainable ships, the ability to change nearly every aspect of your ship’s build including the engine, weapons, energy, shield, and more! In Star Sonata no two players will play the game the same way and no two players will have the exact same build!

One global server, one amazing community - Star Sonata does not separate the community based on region, everyone plays on the same server. b4d347fde0

Title: Star Sonata 2
Genre: Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer
Landauer Games
Landauer Games
Release Date: 2018


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Pixel Blog 05-24-2017:

Added a new ship to the game called the “The Commissioner”. This has been co-opted with Hober Mallow to add the final touches to the ship for in-game release.

Special thanks to James5 for producing the ship. The topic related can be found here[].

Been expanding Kalthi Depths loot table, making additions to the following areas (in-progress):

  • Corrupted Conversion Ray
  • Fuel Compressors
  • Transwarps
  • Envelopes
  • Prospecting
  • Engines
  • Tractors
  • Drone Controllers
  • Electron Clouds
  • Scanners
  • Sludges
  • Torpedos
  • Shields
In the shadows of the development, something is making a scratching noise.

Discuss in the Forum[]. Star Sonata 2019:
Happy 2019, Star Sonata!

2018 brought with it a lot of new things. Enkelin was named as lead content developer and he created the Press Corps to give more transparency to the player base. NCCIntrepid took the lead of Quality Assurance and has been adding more rigor to our testing and bug tracking processes. The dev team as a whole is probably more vibrant and active than ever before.

We had a galaxy assault / BvB revamp to make BvB more interesting and balanced. We added Electrified Georg Ohm. We added several new specialized base kits. AI's and combat bots gained many improvements to their AI, and combat bots gained the new "V Formation" where they form up on your wing to fight, rather than fly all over the place. There was a major change to the shape of Kalthi Depths, with lots of roaming mini-bosses dropping KD dg loot. We revamped the way that planet terraforming blueprints work. Energies and shields were both buffed and rebalanced, making fuel much less necessary on energies and regen much stronger and less costly on shields. We revamped Junkyard and the junkyard tweaks, and added a new "alternate currency" system, where items can be bought and sold at AI bases for commodities in addition to credits. Gunner class received some tweaks and was made more offensive. We had a "Mega Moe" world boss event for Halloween, pitting the player base against the toughest boss ever for special Halloween prizes. Hull extensions and cloaks have had improvements and rebalances that are on the test server and will be patched soon. Jey has done a lot of improvements on the back end, and the server is running faster than ever, and aside from a few days of crash bugs, has been very stable.

Some of the most exciting things that the dev team worked on in 2018 haven't been seen yet. We have been doing a ton of design work on an upcoming expansion for 2019 that will bring both a tech 23 expansion with a bunch of new bosses and areas as well as some sweeping gameplay improvements. We have scores of pages of finalized design docs on the upcoming expansion and spent hours and hours in meetings finalizing much of what we have planned. I'm going to leave some of the details about the theme and content of the tech 23 part of the expansion for another blog post, but for now, I want to write about a few of the big gameplay changes we have in mind.


We have designs to reduce the strength and the efficiency of healing while simultaneously increasing player shield regen, increasing shield banks by a factor of 10x, and greatly increasing out of combat healing. Instead of gaining massive shields from healing efficiency and cross healing, Shield Monkeys will have to steal shields from enemies to redistribute to their team and engineers will actively use a much stronger +100% transference vulnerability beam to buff the healing from their drones and allies on a single target. We hope that these changes to healing will make healing much more balanced and a more active component in playing the game.


The current state of resistances in Star Sonata is more like a weird Pokemon rock-paper-scissors thing than anything else. The planned change with resistances is two-fold. First to bring almost all existing resistances into a new "Armor" stat on ships, where each ship will have an armor that represents the average resists to all damage types, and then have at most one vulnerability or resistance to a specific damage type. Capital ships, heavy fighters, and bases will get the most armor and other classes will have much less. We will also make it so that the game remembers what ships you've scanned with a ship scanner, and for those ships already scanned, present the armor and resistance information in the target box.

Second, we will be revamping the damage types to make them more about the utility that each damage type brings and less about rock-paper-scissors. "Laser" damage will be removed. Energy damage will be the default damage type for both pulse guns and non-ethereal lasers. Surgical damage will cause onboard item damage as you damage the target, potentially disabling them over time, and cause an increase in credit, augmenter, and item drops (including from drop lists) when an AI is killed based on how much surgical damage he took in the battle. Heat damage will remain the damage-over-time damage type of choice and the amount of DoT will be increased and standardized across all heat weapons. Mining damage will still be used on asteroids, but gain the additional property of being armor piercing, and ignore the armor stat on the target. Physical damage will continue to knock things back and have a high DPE. It will gain even more DPS than it currently has, but also become subject to double armor mitigation. Radiation will be the ethereal damage type, with ethereal lasers being radiation, and possibly radiation bullets being ethereal. Hitting an enemy who is below some fraction of shields with radiation will irradiate them and no longer require the killing blow to irradiate.

Mod Rework

The mod rework that has been talked about in the past is almost completed, and will be released along with the big 2019 update. The two most exciting things about the mod rework are the addition of "primary" mods, which are much stronger and have a strength associated with them, and "re-modding" an item, where a modded item can go back to the neurodoc, and a player can pay increasing amounts of credits to have a chance to increase the strength of the primary mod, add another secondary mod, change a secondary mod, or even change the primary mod. This brings a very fun mini-game of continually crafting and refining your best equipment, but the increased cost each time you do it means that you want to pick carefully from the options presented in re-modding.

New Cargo System

We've developed a more straightforward design of a cargo system than previously talked about which will be released with everything else. The new cargo design is where items will drop with a "cargo" tag, similar to a mod, such that any item with the cargo tag will always take exactly 10 space. Equipping, using, or transferring an item will remove the cargo tag, but tossing will retain it. Items with the cargo tag will have square brackets around the item name in your inventory. This should hopefully free up a lot of hull space for some people, and let others feel like they can DG in whatever ship they want without sacrificing too much for holding loot.

Improved Visibility/Cloaking System

Enkelin has a complicated but elegant design on revamping the visibility and cloaking system that will make things much easier to balance for stealthy ships.

Giving the Skill Trees more Impact

We want to make the skill trees have more impact and each skill change the way you play the game, rather than just give some stats. Focus skills will give different damage mitigations and add extra slots for different equipment types. Advanced sub-skills will all have large effects and make your choices even more meaningful.

More and stronger super items

We are planning to add a lot more, powerful, super items. This will give those extra slots in capital ships a lot more meaning. Keep an eye out for "broadside" super items built from dg drops and doing massive damage to the left or the right.


Overloaders will no longer self-destruct, but instead cause item damage to your weapons as you use them.

Rebalance of Fighters

Another rebalance of the fighters, giving more fighters useful side-effects, giving more power to fighters launched from a players ship, and making more noticeable difference between fighters that take different amounts of slots.

Rebalance of Drones

Drones have a new balance sheet with rarity, range, mobility, and other factors that give a desired DPS for each drone. We've already done a quick balance pass on drones that is on test, but there will be a more in-depth look at drones for the big update.

And Much More

And lots of other little things are planned, as well as a light rebalance to the power of classes, with an overall balance between offense, defense, and utility for each class and trying to hit those targets for a fully kitted out player of each class. A lot of the work done in 2018 was actually preparing for a big branch in our source code so that we can work on this upcoming release while maintaining a main branch for small changes and bug fixes. Look for a post about the tech 23 stuff in the near future!

We are continuing to work on all the in-game store features that Steam requires in order to launch.. Universe Reset 5th May:

Universe Reset. Weekly Dev Blog – 5th of July + Universe Reset Announcement:
[]. Pixel Blog 08-09-2017:

Welcome to another Pixel blog where I, Pixel, will be going over what has been done over this past week.

Hober Mallow. Weekly Dev Blog – 19th July:

Greetings! We are excited to announce a new role on the Star Sonata development team. This role is being introduced to address two separate goals:
  • We would like to make the dev team’s work more transparent to the community.
  • We would like to attract skilled and dedicated community members to the dev team.

As a member of the Star Sonata Press Corps, you will receive read/listen-only access to weekly dev meetings. At these meetings, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, much like the public comment period at a local governmental meeting. In exchange for this access, we would like Press Corps members to report to the rest of the community on what the dev team has been discussing and working on. You’ll receive a forum designation to reflect your status as a Press Corps member, but you are also welcome to use other avenues to report to the community. Joining the Press Corps is also a great way to get acquainted with the team in case you’re interested in becoming a developer in the future. Everyone is welcome to apply, even if you have previously applied to join the dev team. Just send an email to indicating your interest and he’ll take it from there.

Universe Reset July 22nd 2017. Weekly Dev Blog – 14th June:

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