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Stalingrad Torrent Download [key Serial]

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About This Game

Stalingrad is a real-time strategy title that places gamers in the middle of the most dramatic periods of World War II, covering major events from June 1942 till January 1943. Built-up upon the enhanced Enigma Engine, the game offers faithful historical recreation of the Stalingrad area, vast tactical options and more than 150 units at your command.

In Stalingrad's two thrilling campaigns, you will take command over Wehrmacht and lead the German forces into the City, then switch to the Red Army and drive the occupants from the Soviet stronghold.

Key features:

  • More than 150 types of units, 43 missions in two large campaigns for the Wehrmacht and the Red Army
  • The game missions were recreated from tactical maps and air photography materials
  • Historical buildings reconstructed from archive photos
  • Accurate reconstruction of historical events
  • Full-scale battles on the city territory
  • Original soundtrack by the band "Skafandr"

Title: Stalingrad
Genre: Strategy
DTF games
1C Entertainment
Release Date: 5 Apr, 2005


Very good RTS, and historically education as well. Urban combat can be quite intense. And units need to co-ordinate in order to achieve anything. Fun to blow up buildins. And dug AT guns are the biggest pain in the a$$. Not bad for buck-fifty.. I'm happy to see Stalingrad finally made it to steam, but i forgot how useless the infantry was, i almost never got the use the damn soldiers, i kept yelling MOVE UP DAMMIT, but instead they decided to just lay down and not use any type of cover, even though i got my tanks to pound the entrenched areas, so i decided to just leave my infantry behind and just take all my tanks up and destroy the anti-tank guns in groups, the damn tanks are more useful against enemy infantry than infantry vs infantry.

But because this is getting a bit old, and it still works and the textures looks great.

Approved.. Excellent old game , i bought on original release and have played many times. Based on the original Blitzkrieg series, a real treat as you must look after your army as replacements are not always at hand. The closer you get to your goal, the more desperate and stretched supplies become. Loved the operation 'winterstorm' rescue mission for the 6th army. Trying to punch through the soviet defences to rescue paulus' army with a patched together force was a challenge. Keep saving progress and enjoy this great 'blitzkrieg' title. No silly 'company of heroes' style unit building\/upgrading rubbish just fight with what your given. Classic. I enjoy this cheap strtegic game that was only $5 and recomend this game to all the military, ww2, and staratgy fans out their that enjoy a fun solo adventure through time.. If you like games like Sudden Strike than you will like this. Graphics are dated now but still enjoyable to play and worth the \u00a33.99. Not amazing, but certainly enjoyable and a solid addition to a stellar set of Blitzkrieg games. Didn't like the pseudo-hard-rock sound track though. Hit and run and flanking attacks work best. Easy to master but you can ramp up the difficulty as much as you need to find the right challenge. Also like other reviewers say, nice to see infantry be actually useful for a change.. From all the 1C's isometric RTS games, Stalingrad is my favorite. Gameplay wise it's still bad (that's why we don't see these Blitzkrieg engine games anymore), but you can see that the devs put a lot of effort and love into this title, which makes it stand out from the rest of 1C games. It's worth a buy, especially for that price! http:\/\/\/sharedfiles\/filedetails\/?id=79260433... http:\/\/\/sharedfiles\/filedetails\/?id=79261401...

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