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Soma Spirits: Rebalance Cheat

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About This Game

"Soma, a world once united under the banner of a great ruler, eventually torn apart by its own people by their hatred and distrust for one another. Two great beings appeared to decide the fate of the world. In a great cataclysm, Soma and everything within in it was divided into two, and two guardian spirits would watch over these new realms."

About the Game

Soma Spirits is a choice-driven Role-Playing Game in which players will face heavy dilemmas with a colorful cast of characters. Unlike many games of choice, the decisions you will make in the world of Soma are not so black and white, and characters will undergo different changes depending on how you wish to proceed.

The world of Soma is a land divided into two similar, but distinct versions of one another. At certain locations, you will be able to travel back and forth between the World of Joy and the World of Sorrow and find different inhabitants, monsters, and clues on how to proceed. How you decide to help the people you meet along your journey will determine which of the game’s five outcomes Heart and Soul will find themselves in.


  • Turn-based combat with shifting character roles: Depending on where you are, Heart and Soul’s abilities change!
  • Flexible story paths: you will have multiple opportunities to change the story’s outcome.
  • Dynamic music: As you shift between the two worlds, so will the music!
  • Fully original audio and visual assets.
  • Five different endings.
  • Three different difficulty levels; enjoy the story at your leisure on Easy, or take on ruthless challenges in Hero mode!

Title: Soma Spirits: Rebalance
Genre: Indie, RPG
Release Date: 13 Apr, 2017


soma spirits rebalance download. soma spirits rebalance

I am not much of a reviewer of RPGs, but just wanted to say that I find this to be an excellent game. I love the two halves of the world, and the gameplay within. And the characters are cute as well. Top marks from me.. Sees trailer "This looks neat"
plays the game "Nice"
listen to music "Really nice"
Battle system "great combat"
Final thought "NOICE"

My opinion "This is a really good or nice game to play and im been enjoying it for about 2 hours now"

To everyone "If your bored and want to buy a $5.00 game on Steam i recommend buying this RPG for fun". I really really enjoyed this little game. There was a nice twist on the standard turn based battle system, I never felt like it was too hard or too easy (which is great for a game about balance!) My in-game time looks really long but that's only because I often leave the game running while I do things and then come back to it. Which was also a treat because some of the game music is fantastic!! My guess is closer to 10 hours to completion. If you enjoy jrpgs (think earthbound), cute stories, touching moments\/lessons, or just want a short palate cleanser...for 3 bucks you can't go wrong here.. So far I've really been enjoying the game. It has a neat mechanic where one player character holds domain over the world you are in at a given time, being the primary fighter, while the other plays support. This spices battle up, especially when a certain foe takes advantage of that and shifts between worlds mid fight. The music has been wonderful, and the plot shows a branching storyline that you will be introduced to early. You'll know which world you are in at any given time by the music, and whether anything in the world (minus your player characters) are monochrome and sad, or colorful and happy. I would reccomend this at full price for someone looking for a neat, casual, RPG experience.. This game makes me smile, so much cute dialog and the dynamic of the two main characters is so fun. Definitely worth the price tag, if you have a couple hours to spare check it out ~. This Is A great game, it feels alot like earthbound!

make another.. yes its very good i legit loved it

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