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Shining Song Starnova Activation Code [key Serial Number]

Shining Song Starnova Activation Code [key Serial Number]

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About This Game

Take the stage in Shining Song Starnova! The girls of STARNOVA signed on to become idols thinking they will become the shining stars of their dreams. Instead, they found themselves trapped in a cutthroat business where only the strongest could survive. Along their path to becoming top idols, they're forced to come face-to-face with the harsh reality that being a star isn't as perfect as it seems on TV...

YOU are Mr. Producer - it's your job to make these girls' dreams come true! Will you and the girls successfully navigate the industry and become the greatest idols in the nation? Shining Song Starnova is a dramatic and gripping story about the path to stardom. Just remember: Even though it may seem dark, the light at the end is always shining!

This visual novel features seven different heroines to choose from, and is partially voiced by popular Japanese voice talents!


Title: Shining Song Starnova
Genre: Casual
Love in Space
Sekai Project
Release Date: 13 Sep, 2018


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Now i just need the more lewd version of the game uwu. Now i just need the more lewd version of the game uwu. Wow! This title knocked it out of the park! I'm not suprised by a lot of the pop culture references, and 4th wall breaking that had happened. it really is well worth the 112-day wait to buy it.. I saw, I bought, I came. Now i just need the more lewd version of the game uwu. Sasamis Route was well written I liked every moment of it. This was played as any visual novel, people have damage, you have to figure out how to manuever around said damage, and theres a lot of pottery, lots and lots of pottery.

However if you're a moron like me you might have realized 4/6 through the game that there are no H scenes, You have to enable them via your top right account/Store preferences.

Not having the H-Scenes actually makes things really confusing on around half the routes.. This is a fantastic title, very long and entertaining story about the world of the idol, with many different routes all distinct. The R18 patch is also free which is nice.
. I wanted to make sure I played the entire game before I wrote a review for it, which is why I have 62 hours on it. Er, well, some of it was idling by accident, but that's still a fairly accurate playthough, since I skipped a lot of the dialogue (mostly with H-Scenes). Anyway...

Quick review: Is the game good, and worth it? Honestly, if you like Love in Space's stuff, then yes, get it on a sale. Although it lacks the gameplay from Sunrider, I think having it only be a Visual Novel does it justice. However, Love in Space seems to be making an Idol Sim for their next project, which might sate that need.

Long Review: Well, when I saw that LiS' next project was going to be about Idols, I honestly didn't care for it. I didn't even REMEMBER the game existed until last december when I got it on sale. But after giving it a shot, I enjoyed it, and definitely got my money's worth out of it. The game has 9 chapters, 6 chapters for each of the girls, two (technically) for Sasami, and the extra chapter for completing Sasami's chapter. (which requires getting the other 6 chapters first... kind of reminds me of Sonic Adventure in that regard) In terms of the chapters... (Spoilers, obvs):

I like Mariya's chapter the most. It's cute, and she is best girl. You have a baby with her and it's super wholesome.

Under that is Mika's Chapter. It's not all that related to the group for the most part, but Mika is so cute that it was a great read. I would definitely give her headpats for the good route.

After that I guess I would say Nemu's. Honestly, with Nemu, I figured it would be much, MUCH more violent (and it is, if you get the bad end) but it's actually really nice and I suprisingly enjoyed it. Her mother, Haruna, is the best character in the game. Unironically wish there was more of her.

After that they kinda get "eh." Not bad, but not as good. Sasami's, Aki's, and Natsuki's routes, I mean. Sasami's route comes so late that at this point it's kind of a slog. It's not terrible, and I enjoy how it references the other routes, but having to get the other 6 routes kinda makes it... run-of-the-mill. Aki's was pretty okay, too. But imo, the H-Scenes for her route just felt wrong. That's probably just me. Natsuki's route was, honestly, not bad. It wasn't as serious as the other routes, but I liked it's goofiness.

I really don't like Julie's Route. She makes a huge scandal cuz you won't give her the D, and she destroys the group, gets PTSD, then you're back at square one at the end of the route. A complete waste of time, almost. This route was a chore to get through.

But really, it boils down to which girl you like the most. Since I like Mariya and Mika the most, of course they're gunna be my favorite routes, and I feel that if you like the girl enough, then you'll enjoy the route.

The extra chapter is literally fanservice. Do you like girl on girl action? Then I'm sure you'll enjoy the extra chapter. Speaking of girl-on-girl action, the R18+ patch is a must. Considering sexual contact kind of plays a part in the story, it's kinda necessary.

I apologize for the long review. I've been a fan of LiS' stuff since Sunrider Academy came out, and I had a lot to say about it. The game is packed with content, and for a VN it was a fun read, although there were a lot of sections that I got the general gist of so I just kinda skipped it. But you kind of get that with 7 routes. Oh, and if you have Netflix and want to know more about Idols, check out a documentary called "Tokyo Idols." It talks about the crazy stuff fans of idols do and it kinda puts stuff into perspective for the game a bit.

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