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RPG Maker MV - Vexed Enigma's Pack For MV Crack Download Offline Activation

RPG Maker MV - Vexed Enigma's Pack For MV Crack Download Offline Activation

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About This Content

Collecting all of Vexed's previously released Member+ content, this pack is bursting at the seams with Sprites, Battlers, Tilesets, Portraits and more! Rock out with Grunge Club tiles in RPG Maker DS+ style or add a Gunsmith to your POP! Horror City project. Ever wanted to include Marie Antoinette in your game? Now you can! Plus she's a ninja!?

Also included in the pack, never-before-released content you won't find anywhere else! Including Cyberpunk tiles in DS+ style and Cinema Lobby and Arcade tiles in POP! style.

Crafted with love over many months, this pack is filled with a wide range of weird and wonderful pixel art designed to get your creative juices flowing!

Please note: This is a very large collection that includes several individual DLC packs.

This pack is for use in RPG Maker only!


POP Style:

Over 37 unique characters, many with recolors, alternate outfits and poses for a total of 75 units.
13 facesets matching key characters.
Cinema tileset (includes partial tile A4 and a complete tile B).
Convenience Store tileset (includes animated door, partial tile A4 and A5, tile B).
Gunsmith Tile add-on (includes animated doors, animated work bench and tile B furnishings).
Hospital tileset (includes elevator doorx2, tile A4, tile A5, clean version tile B and bloodied version tile C.
Sewer and Factory tileset (includes animated puzzle elements, animated doors, tile A1, tile A4, tile A5x2, tile Bx2 and tile Cx2.
Winter tileset (animated presents, tile A2, tile A4, tile A5x2, tile B and tile C). a09c17d780

Title: RPG Maker MV - Vexed Enigma's pack for MV
Genre: Design & Illustration, Web Publishing
Vexed Enigma
Release Date: 13 Dec, 2018


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