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Quarries Of Scred Ativador Download [Keygen]

Quarries Of Scred Ativador Download [Keygen]

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About This Game

Bringing classic arcade games such as Boulder Dash and Dig Dug into the 21st century, Quarries Of Scred is an unapologetically brutal, retro-inspired arcade game designed to see just how far you’ll go to risk your bounty.

You are Bob, who is a bad man. For reasons unknown, Bob must work the quarry to pay off his debts. Collect dirt, diamonds and other valuables but avoid causing the rocks to fall on to your head or to block the path back up. You’ll question your sanity as you dive deeper into the quarry, hoping to return with a larger reward and praying you will not be killed at the hands of a falling rock or the creatures dwelling within. Die, as you surely will, and a new quarry is generated, with a new trove of treasures and dangers.


A Procedural death trap is a happy death trap:
A new and unique quarry awaits you every time.

Daily Quarry:
Each day a new standardised quarry will open up. Compete against fellow gamers to be Top Bob.

Authentically Retro:
Harking back to the early 80’s, play in EGA, CGA or Monogreen graphics styles as well as multiple sprite set variations from contributing guest artists.

Multiple Game Modes:
See how much you can earn before you die in Normal, Darkness, Blink and 60 & 120 Second Challenge modes.

Sweet gear:
Why pay off your debt when you can spend all your new riches on lasers and gravity inverters. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Quarries of Scred
Genre: Action, Indie
Hammerspace Games
Surprise Attack
Release Date: 22 Apr, 2015


quarries of scred. quarries of scred

This game is everything I never knew I wanted since I forgot about playing Boulderdash on my cousin's old Macintosh as a kid.

Maddening difficulty? Check.
Encouraging greed? Check.
Punishing greed? Also check.
Incredibly rewarding? Oh yes. Check.

The plethora of available art styles mean this is a delight to look at whether you prefer C64-inspired graphics or a more modern tileset, and the soundtrack is superb. Easy to play in a few minutes, hard to put down for a few hours.

10\/10.. As your body is crushed under a boulder your last thoughts are "well i guess i have time for one more game". Fantastic game. Great soundtrack and a challenging puzzler. Easy to play but hard to control your greed. Definitely one of the most rewarding games I've played. It's simple, balanced, fun and has a lot of replay value.. Quarries of Scred is (smurf)ing hard.
One life. No hit points. Most mistakes are instantly fatal.
This is retro style done right kiddies. This is the sort of game grandma grew up on.
What you are looking at here is a turn-based Boulder-Dash style procedurally generated puzzle game.
You move one step, the environment takes it's turn. Gravity, as they say, works.
So there's no dodging out of the way if you make a mistake. Like I said. Most of those are instantly fatal.
If you are looking for flashy animation go play a console game.
C.o.S. could run on my phone.* Though the controls would (smurf).
A game like this doesn't need high res HD 4K gobledy \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665. They would be wasted here.
This is a life or death puzzle with no room for error. Animated Font style was the right choice for Scred.
Selva approves.
To sum up. Like hard puzzle games? Like stuff that's rando... pardon, procedurally generated, so you can play effectively forever? Like a steep challenge that is going to kill you over and over till you get it right?
Buy Caves of Scred. 'Nuf said.

*My phone. Not your phone. I'm not sure Zork would run on MY phone. If you don't know what Zork is go read a book**.

**Book. Those rectangular things made of paper with all the words inside. No batteries or internet connection needed.
. Do you remember "Boulder Dash" from the C64 era? Now image you...

...cant hold a stone on your head

...every thing which falls it does in light speed

...the game is twice as hard as it already is

Welcome to Quarries of Scred.


First of all it is pretty much addictive in a good way even if everytime you lose is close to a heart attack (if you have the sounds on)...i love it.

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