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Prophecy I - The Viking Child Password

Prophecy I - The Viking Child Password

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About This Game

Cartoony side-scroller where you take the role of, as the title states, a viking child, in his quest to free his friends and family, held by the evil god Loki inside the Great Halls of Valhalla.

Fight your way through 16 levels with diverse scenarios, including medieval castles and mountains. Spread throughout the levels are shops in which you can buy potions and other magical items to help you along the way. Before you finally face the Dark Lord Loki, you must also defeat the 8 Apprentices of Darkness.

The game features colorful graphics and 22 different tunes to make the whole trip a bit more pleasant. a09c17d780

Title: Prophecy I - The Viking Child
Genre: Action, Adventure
Piko Interactive LLC, Classics Digital
Release Date: 1 Jul, 1991


I was lucky enough to have grown up with a dad who had loved computers during the golden age of DOS gaming and even earlier. However, most of my favorite games were a mix of DOS & NES games though my NES was stolen so I was only left with playing DOS games through most of my childhood. It was probably a good thing because I may never have discovered gems like this game. This game does take most of its inspiration from Wonderboy in Monsterland but in some ways does it better. The music is top notch and gameplay hits the sweetspot for me, Difficult. If you are looking for a true sidescroller from the early 90's to go with your Commander Keen or Duken Nukem 1 & 2 collection then add this to it and support the guys who are keeping these games alive on steam.

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