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About This Game

Explore a new and unforgiving frontier. Lead an international team in establishing humankind's first foothold on another planet. Extract raw materials from the Martian surface to refine and use. Survive dust storms, accidents, and hypoxia. Achieve complete self-sustainability, or die trying.

PeriAreion, an astronomical term for the closest approach to Mars, aims to blend real-time strategy gameplay with a little simulation and science.

Key Features

Construct Your Base

Build and upgrade a variety of modules to help your colonists survive. Each module provides unique activities and research for your colonists to engage in.

Explore Mars

Choose from three landing sites: Candor Chasma in the dusty Valles Marineris, Mawrth Vallis at the boundary of highland and plains, and frozen Hellas Planitia close to Mars' south pole. Each map has different weather and hazards, along with difficulties for navigation and resource location. Find points of interest, missions, minerals, ice, and photo opportunities as you explore. All terrain has been generated from satellite images of actual locations on Mars.

Research Colony Upgrades

Spend research points in five different trees with 71 possible upgrades. This includes three different colony specializations that determine your path to sustainability and change the way you win the game.

Learn About Mars

Unlock articles in the PeriAreipedia containing the latest research and science about Mars. Get new articles for completing missions, constructing modules, and performing research. a09c17d780

Title: PeriAreion
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
TBA Games
TBA Games
Release Date: 19 Feb, 2015


This game is more about learning about Mars than actually playing. Just not very fun. The bugs ruin any small enjoyment you might find. Even after multiple patches the colonists still get stuck in the terrain. There are constant issues using the rover in that they either can't exit....or once they do exit they can't get back in the rover. I sent a couple of colonists half way across the map to explore and dropped one off to mine a node. The other I sent a little further to check out a photo Op. He can't get back in the rover. It just won't higlight no matter where I click. He just walks around the rover and underneath it as though the rover doesn't exist. I tried saving and returning and even though I can TAb to the rover I can't manage to get my astronaut back in it. He's in for a long walk home. I would ask for a refund except I paused it for 90 minutes to watch a movie and now I'm over the time limit.. I really like the ideas behind this game but I have to advise against spending 15 euros on it right now if you're expecting a stable and clean game. But if you want to support the team behind it to make it better, please do pay. I did. First I felt bad about paying for this but if giving money means improvements then I don't mind. I hope it happens so I can change my review. Good luck guys :). I've played this game for few hours and I'm not impressed. The game looks like something I'd played 20 years ago. The control is the biggest flaw in this game. The astronauts are constantly get stuck. There is no resources in the map and little support from earth, which make every launch a sucide mission. If you like space sim and have fun with it, I would suggest you get another game like Sol0: Mars colonization or something else (I think I bought that for $4).

My final thought.....this game is not worth it.
. Surely this is mislabled and supposed to be Early Access.

The team has addressed they are working on several fixes. :D on the edge of my seat.

The Pro's & Con's

1) Colonize Mars!
2) Can mine ice!
3) The game starts!
4) Mo ! gotta love Mo!


1) Video settings are currently limited. It shows other resolution options, cannot select them however.
2) No real way of setting a base beacon. (Hard to navigate sometimes without compass or anything.)
3) Resources are in the same spots everytime.
4) Cannot "Layout" your base. You click build and it setups the construction plot for you.
5) Game breaking bugs.
6) No way of "Free look" Cannot select groups of people. Have to tab to each one to check their vitals.
7) Crew often get stuck walking in place when traveling.

I get it #SmallIndieDevTeam. This seems to be an acceptable excuse because, I hear it all the time.
For me however this game really does play \/ feel.. Early Access.
I do not recommend this game in its current stage... First of all, this is a solid, well designed game that I would recommend to anyone interested in educational RTS style play that doesn't involve shooting things. Its real strength comes from realistic approach to balanced resource management (expand too slow or too quickly and you die). There is plenty of challenge build into the game play which will probably keep anyone intrigued by potential Mars colonization glued to the screen for hours.

Having said that, the game does need some polish. I haven't encountered any major bugs, but I felt that camera rotation and individual colonist management could be made more intuitive. The tech tree and achievement system are adequate but seem a bit disconnected from the game play. I found graphics to be more than sufficient since I don't believe more visual realism would add anything to this type of game. Finally, I think that this game could focus a bit more on Mars exploration that promotes fantasy and curiosity elements of play. In other words, less grind, more unexpected discoveries and surprises with larger maps.

Overall, this a great start and I look forward to future updates.. Another game that I've backed way back when on Kickstarter. There's a lot of fun things to do, missions to complete, a base to maintain, and upgrades to be had. If you like base managment games with a little bit of sci with your fi,, then this is a gem.

Bonus- You can make me suffocate on the surface of Mars if you use my character :P. An eye-opening game!

I've thought of colonizing Mars as something we may do, later on, somehow. I'm sure they'll figure out how to do it.

After playing this game, now I can see that colonizing Mars really is something that we can do. I feel like I can join in on the discussion on colonizing Mars, or at least listen and understand more of what people are saying; understand what's needed, and what the concerns are. I feel like I understand the kind of life the colonists will have, on Mars. After playing this game, my whole view of Mars has changed: it's another place; not all that different from Earth, but without any oxygen, which is kind of a problem. For the first time, I could imagine myself on the surface of Mars, and felt like I could feel what colonists might really experience there. I'm really glad I played this game.

From a gameplay perspective: colonizing Mars, is a lot different than playing Sim City. There are different challenges than in other games in this genre. Decisions are much more critical. If you go short on a resource you need: you could easily die. In other games, you can often go short on a resource for a while, and be fine. Not here. When I started losing power without realizing it at first, it lead to a very tense few moments as I struggled to overcome the problem. Then all my colonists died, when I could not fix the problem fast enough. It's something that could really happen on Mars. You have to search for the future problem and fix it before it can become an emergancy, deciding what is and what isn't going to become a majour problem is what really makes this game.

It's an easy game to pick up, too. I played without the tutorial, and felt comfortable, fast. I think almost anyone could play this game, and it's truely a great experience for everyone to have. I'm glad I played this game, and I think you will be, too. :)

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