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About This Game

Outrage is a short cyberpunk dungeon crawler. You manage a team of vigilantes and must undertake various missions in the city to strengthen your team and your cause in order to bring a powerful enemy to justice. However, you will not be able to undertake every single mission and therefore have to choose them wisely.

Some missions will bring you valuable new gear or a new teammate, whilst others will give you useful intel or advantage in an upcoming main story mission. In addition, most missions will affect your reputation, either positively or negatively.

Will you hunt down petty criminals and help the police or will you do questionable acts to further your own goals? Either path can lead you to victory, but beware – your overall reputation will affect what happens in the end.

General Features:

  • Build a team of vigilantes and undertake missions in the city to deal your own brand of justice!
  • Choose your missions wisely, for you have a limited number of days between the main story tasks.
  • 6 different vigilantes to choose from. Pick any 2 to start with and recruit the others as you progress through the story.
  • Reputation system: Most missions either increase or decrease your reputation. With positive reputation, police will tolerate you, whilst underground movements will despise you. Negative reputation does the exact opposite!
  • 3 different endings, depending on your overall reputation in the endgame.
  • Customize your team with a large variety of weapons, armour, and add-ons
  • Semi-random rewards: Loot found in supply boxes and given upon quest completion will not be the same on every playthrough.
  • 3 difficulty modes: Casual, Normal, and Tough.

If you want to support this game and all my other past and future games further, please check out my patreon page below! b4d347fde0

Title: Outrage
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Astronomic Games
New Reality Games
Release Date: 6 Apr, 2016


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ever play those games that are just...bad?<\/a> This is one of those, I bet the developer took a long time to make this game, poor guy, too bad it sucks. Bad controls, bad gameplay, "meh" graphics, another RPG Maker game basically, note: when using RPG maker stick to cartoon-ish games. There are many things I can say about this game. It is technically functional. It is nominally playable.

It is not, by any metric, much fun.

If you really want to slum it with some bottom-barrel commerical-grade rpgmaker titles, might I recommend City of Chains? It's by the same developer, using the same stock tileset, and it's markedly better in every way. CoC is worth the .60 cents on sale. not.

All Outrage's buzzwords sound like good things. Party-building, dungeon crawling, cyberpunk roguelike should mean you're in for a delicious hamburger of a game, but the chef's only moderately skilled and the materials they're cooking with are extremely subpar. Every portrait and texture in the game has an ugly-stick-shaped dent in its face. The menu colors are garish, and the dialog prompt that lets you navigate the dungeon feels more restrictive than novel.

The plot is a loose, somewhat context-less string of happenings wherein your characters shoot a billionaire in the head because he's trying to be a vigilante. Which *they* already are.

I guess the moral event horizon is when you start using a robot suit for your vigilanteism?

Game balance is a tenative step in the right direction, with different classes of weapons all being sidegrades from each other, and with the player nominally having to balance high damage bullet-use against low-damage melee attacks. but even on the harder difficulty levels there's more grind than actual challenge. And in a nominally plot-driven game, the plot simply isn't good enough to incentivize putting up with that.

If you want something done in a much* better fashion with the same stock tileset, I suggest you pick up City of Chains.

Otherwise, give this one a miss.

*which is to say, somewhat.. Excellent short story and overall very...

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