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The main characteristic of a visual novel game is achieving immersion by giving the player the ability to influence the story through choices. Every decision, every action 5d3b920ae0

Title: One Day in London
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Owl Studio
Owl Studio
Release Date: 10 Aug, 2016


  • OS: Windows Vista/Win 7
  • Processor: 2.33 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:</</p>


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I'm not a big fan of Russian visual novels because they tend to use school setting a lot (not my fav) or create unnecessary depressing and rude stories making it not dramatic but edgy. However! There're always exceptions, and One Day in London falls into this rare category. Victorian setting, attention to details, charming cast, rich lore, interesting mix of mystery, occult and detective. I like first three episodes (out of five) very much - at that time I thought it's one of my best recent purchases. HOWEVER! Then I've started the fourth one, and everything. just went flat. The story becomes boring and centered around God of their World, stupid plot twists without much substance and characters act like not themselves at all which completely ruin the whole experience. Like, the scriptwriter became tired and has decided to wrap everything up as lazily as possible going into apocalyptic-like ending style which doesn't, in my opinion, suit the plot that much. So, premise is good. First three episodes are great. Fourth and fifth episodes have some nice ideas but overall are weak and ruin the whole game. Endings are mostly stupid. Really, you can just buy first three episodes and won't lose anything. So, even though I like only around 2/3 of the game, I still rank it positive because the enjoyment level of first three eps was tremendous.. One of the best visual novels I've ever played. Besides interesting characters and just gorgeous art it has this really neat mystic adventure vibe that makes the story all the more appealing and immersive and leaves you begging for more. Can't wait for the next chapters.. Approved. ----------- . P.S. ( ).. An exsqwiset game.. Amazing Game, currently on chapter 2 Story & Background +++ Victoria London Art & Music +++ Almost Flawless if only we could get charactor voice Game mechanic ++ Flat simply & easy to play, still prefer old TRPG attribute system, but this one is fine.. I suppose I misunderstood that this was not really a game, but all I can really say for it is that the art was really great. The story was badly written (translated?) and just a simple proofreading would have caught most of the errors (not using subject pronouns, mispelling words, no use of "the" anywhere). This made it almost painful to read. Being that it was simply a "visual novel" there wasn't much in the way of actual game play. It was simply click on things until they get to the end. And the few games/puzzles that were involved were either over simplified, or completely random guessing. The story itself was filled with USELESS extra text that neither furthered the story or enhanced the game. I will not be getting the next chapters. This would need a lot more interaction and a LOT of editing before I would be interested in continuing this novel.. Really enjoying this occult mystery Visual Novel. The art is beautiful, the theme is well executed, there are some interesting decisions to be made, the characters are interesting and each have their own secrets and mysteries to add to the atmosphere; and, most importantly, the plot and narrative really makes me want to know where things are going. The english translation is not perfect, but it's far from being bad. Not really a big issue.. Amazing game. Can't wait for further chapters to be released.

The new update is here! : Today we made the game even more atmospheric! In the Main Menu, under "Additional Materials", you now may find a new button "Gallery". It will lead you to the following: - videos of the game's endings; - animated pictures with locations and characters (note: some pictures will be available only after you earn the required achievements); - some pictures come with information not included in the novel, concerning the world and locations, characters' backstories and the history of their relationships; - each picture in the Gallery has its assigned soundtrack, so you can listen to the tunes you love at any time! Please note that the video to one of the game's endings was reworked and updated you can now find this in the Gallery. If you have finished the game, you will find the ending you experienced in the Gallery. Play through and finish the game several different ways in order to unlock all the endings! We are working on editing and correcting the text of One Day in London, with Chapter 2 now updated.. Update! : Thank you for your feedback! We fixed several bugs you pointed out in comments: - End game freeze in one of the storylines - Achievement display - Small text errors and mascot placements If you encountered save problem, please send this folder contents: %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Owl Studio/One Day In London to our e-mail: And tell us if you deleted the game before playing fourth chapter and if you used Steam Cloud. If you encounter any other bugs or errors, please dont hesitate to send us your comments. Well do everything we can to fix it.. The final chapter of One Day in London is now available on Steam! : Its finally happening! We have been working on the final chapter for a long time, and we are finally ready to share it with you! The outcome of the story is completely dependent on the decisions YOU made in the previous chapters. Everything is connected every phrase and decision has consequences, whether the deaths of loved ones or finding powerful allies. Its finally time to defy your inner fears and those otherworldly creatures! Immerse yourself in the grim underworld of 1888 London with the final chapter of One Day in London! We sincerely thank you again for playing One Day in London, and we are always happy to receive your comments, reviews or opinions. If you notice any bugs or mistakes in our game, please do not hesitate to contact us and well get right on with correcting them! You can contact us at .. The Steam Halloween Sale is here! : Spooky Halloween is upon us, the time has come! This year, the Halloween Sale will take place from 29 October to 1 November.. Last chance! : Right now you can purchase the fifth chapter of One Day in London at the lowest price, thanks to a massive 30% discount! This offer will expire tomorrow, after which the price of Chapter 5 will increase.. Release day is approaching! : Testing is in progress, and today we are going to tell you about the work already completed and features already tested. - fast-forward mode for dialogue in completed chapters is stable and functional; - new achievements are implemented and functional; - minigames are fully functional; - amended text in the first chapter of the game is displayed correctly; - special effects are displayed properly; - all actions influencing the openings of epilogues for each character are functional; Currently, we are working hard on displaying the proper epilogues. They will be available in the main menu of One Day in London, and you can see how many different endings are available for each character. For example, Jeremys story can end in seven different ways. However, the epilogues will be locked until you fulfil the necessary in-game conditions to unlock them. After unlocking you will no longer need to load the game to see the ending of the character that interests you you can simply read the epilogue from the menu. The epilogues are displayed incorrectly, for now. There is a chance that we will have to add them in a patch after release of the fifth chapter. But dont worry, all your choices influencing the epilogues will be implemented, and you will not miss anything! Meanwhile, we will continue testing the game and fixing any bugs found.. 3rd episode trailer of One Day in London is out now! : We are working really hard in Owl studio to create the 3rd episode of our visual novel full of new amazing actions and events. In the official traler you can find some new locations from 3rd part of One Day in London. We are planing to release the next episode in 1Q 2017. Stay tuned! To be continue.. Third episode is almost here! : Dear players! Since the release of the second episode we have done a very big job. Another update is coming up! We have significantly improved the game engine, so our work has become easier. It's better optimized now, so the development of future episodes is bound to speed up. Besides, now we can create even more different and engaging mini-games! We have also added a startup menu and completely redesigned the save-game system, so every day may now be loaded separately. In order to avoid potential problems, upon the first start of the game you will be transferred to the beginning of the latest day saved. Two new episodes on the new engine will be published first.But don't you worry! The third episode will arrive soon and will be available as a paid update to the basic game. It is larger than the first two volumes combined! New locations, new characters, mini-games, and, of course, the continuation of the story! Your actions in the second episode will greatly affect the third one and open a way to a variety of alternative plots! Where will your choice bring you? Which consequences will you have to face? You will find it out soon! We are always happy to receive your feedback! We hope that you will love the new episode just like the previous ones.. RELEASE DATE : Dear Friends, We are finally ready to announce the release date of the final chapter of One Day in London on Steam May 17, 2018! Next week, you will be able to return to your thrilling adventures in occult London where new secrets and long-desired answers await. Everything is in your hands how the story ends depends entirely on your decisions. We would just like to say that we are extremely grateful to all of you for choosing us, believing in us and staying with us on this journey. Without your feedback, suggestions, stories and fan art, One Day in London would not be what it is today.

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