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Grand Strategy on a Small Scale

January, 1915. The Race to the Sea is over. The Great War has just begun. You are the commander of a single divis 5d3b920ae0

Title: On The Western Front
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: 5 Oct, 2018


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so far the game seems to be a slog with ongoing confusion. I reckon that the developers are trying hard to simulate the actual environment of 1915 trench warfare. graphics serviceable but text is near impossible to read. trying working through the tutorial but sluggish response or no response at all. excited to try this game, it certainly has some potential but it is really rough in its present stage. it is in early access so I will leave it on my machine and hope for the best with timely updates.. I cannot recommend this game at the moment simply because it keeps crashing when i try to play until this is fixed i cant recommend this. I bought this game once when it first came out i refunded it shortly after because i the game was in an extreme early phase, Then i re-bought the game in January it was fine i could play it because i play games like this but then they updated it hotfix 8 or 7 when the game kept crashing over and over again the recent update they have done didn't fix this. If you want to buy this game i recommend buying it at a later date.. First I'm not a guy who recommends a game just because it is EA, or throws money at a dev just because they have a good idea which might be an OK game in a year if they work hard at it. If an EA game is crap and not currently worth buying, I'll say so. But I recommend this. There are two major reasons why. 1. The Dev has proven in the past that he will stick with a game for a long time and come up with a good product (his other game is World Boxing Manager and it has a very similar style to this). He'll update a game even when you think the updates are long since done. His last game, like this one, doesn't look like much at first glance but is incredibly deep and well-balanced. 2. There's obviously so much here, even now in EA. It is an enormous amount of stuff for one person to have done. OTWF has RPG elements in officers and experience. It's got all of the various aspects of trench warfare - air recon and dogfights, barbed wire, raids, tunnelling, supply, weather effects (heavy rain will damage your trenchworks for example). Lots of upgrades like flamethrowers. And it's all well-balanced and thought out. You can just sense it. I've never seen a game quite like this. But man, this is a rough product right now. The tutorial is bad - perhaps it contains all the information you need, but that information is largely inaccessible. You can't look up a specific topic. You have to kick off one of the main tutorials, and if you can't perform one of the tutorial tasks within correctly, the tutorial won't advance. So not only do you not learn the concept you were working on, but you learn zero about all of the features that the tutorial was going to cover later. I've got about 15 hours in this game and there are so many things that I still don't know how to do. You'll do something which seems right based on your limited info, but it doesn't have the intended effect. Drilling troops is an important thing, but I've still not figured out why my troops won't do it. I'm still not sure I'm supplying my men properly. I don't know how dead troops get replaced. I'm not 100% sure how hospitals and injured troops work. I can't put my men on watch duty, which means they won't fire at attacking enemy troops. This is pretty important - there is nothing stopping the Germans from walking right across no-mans land and jumping into my trench ATM. Also the game itself seems to make things harder for you than they really are. For example, you're supposed to keep companies and batallions together on the line, since this gives the units command bonuses and causes your orders to be interpreted faster. But presently you fire up a new game and your platoons are scattered to the four winds. So you're going to spend nearly an hour at first just trying to organize your troops in a logical way. If you're an old style gamer, this feels like when I had my C64 or my 486. And I'd get hold of a good looking, detailed game that didn't come with instructions. And I'd be sit there for hours, putting the pieces together and at the end I'd generally know how to play except there would be one or two key concepts that I'd be completely unaware of. The whole experience currently looks and feels exactly like that. If you're an older lad who is OK with playing a game that has a DOS-era feel, or you're willing to suffer with a bad interface to get good detail and depth, then On the Western Front is worth it right now. I don't regret buying it. If you're not that kind of player but looking for a good, detailed wargame with some interesting RPG elements then wait 3-6 months. I'm familiar enough with the devs work to know that he will resolve all of my listed problems in time.. I'll keep it in the library with the hope it will improve. Game needs alot of work to be even remotely playable. No options to change graphic settings - text is hard to read - when you zoom in?????? the units stay the same size???? just the view area gets smaller???? This is not zoom as i see it. Buttons and controls feel unresponsive. I just could not play it or even try to play it for too long at this stage. Needs Work on the basics. Recommend not to buy unless you want to support development. Great idea, but a long long way to go yet. Sorry have to give a thumbs down and hit the refund button.. Original game, very promising but better to wait for after EA.. Im giving money to a concept I totally love for its development in this game. I hope it becomes as deep and as wide as it could be.. Honestly, its a great game with a lot of problems and by that I mean the fact that the game will crash if you try to start 2 new games in one session or that fact that units sometimes just don't do what you ask. The Dev updates and interacts with the community so patches are coming, but the biggest patch that is needed is automation as you have to micro manage literally everything.

New Hotness : Hi all, Implemented a bunch of new things based on suggestions and requests, as well as fixing some rather serious bugs with the underground component of the game. Bugfixes/Changes: Fixed issue in which underground units sent on leave would go through the ground rather than returning to the surface. Building mines was broken when I added the separate Build Mode. This has now been fixed. Commander traits now refresh properly when units move in and out of company command range. You can now view the status of units in reserve. Selecting the top-level reserve unit in the Headquarters screen will cause a new button to appear. Front-line units are no longer randomized at the start, allowing platoons to start near their company commanders. This should reduce the amount of initial micromanagement when starting a new game. Units in reserve now will also treat wounded men. The target selection list that appeared when using "Attack Unit" was not resizing properly when the name of a target unit was too long, causing the button to bleed out of bounds. This has been fixed for both fonts. Changed the icon for AOE orders like "Suppress Area" and "Watch Duty" into a different icon, so it's easier to tell when you're actually in one of these modes. Commander selection used to only show unassigned commanders. Now there it is possible to toggle unassigned commanders or all, allowing you to simply trade officers instead of having to unassign and reassign in two distinct steps. Lastly, because I added a bunch of information to officers that needs to be saved when saving the game, your old/current saves are now broken. Sorry for the inconvenience.. Some Info in the Discussion forums! : Hi all, I've noticed that there have been more than a few wishlists in the short time this game's Coming Soon page has been available on Steam. For more information about the game, feel free to check out the Discussion forums. There are a few threads that shed light on some of the mechanics of the game.. New AOE Features : Hi all, I've added a few more new features that have been requested over the last few weeks. Field Supply Dumps Dugouts can now be turned into field supply dumps by supply units carrying supplies, by using the "Add Supplies" order. Field supply dumps can hold all types of supplies and provide passive supply regain to units in range. This replaces the existing system in which everyone regains supplies passively no matter where they are - now units must be near a field supply dump. Think Protoss pylons. It also means that if you're able to capture an enemy field supply dump, you get to steal those supplies. Order Delay Command ranges are now working, which means that order delay now works. When a unit receives an order, each HQ unit "passes it on" to its subordinate units, with a delay incurred depending on the cumulative distance. For example, each HQ unit has a default command range of 15 tiles. If a rifle platoon receives an order to move, the order chain starts at its Brigade HQ. If its Battalion HQ is 18 tiles away from its Brigade HQ, then it will take 3 game ticks to even begin moving. If its Company HQ is 20 tiles away from its Battalion HQ, then an additional 5 ticks are added. Finally, if the rifle platoon itself is 17 tiles away from its Company HQ, then 2 more tiles are added, which means it will take 10 game ticks (100 minutes in-game) before the rifle platoon starts to move. A new icon now appears next to a unit's task when it encounters order delay. Let me know if you like these changes! Bugs: Fixed a bug which would cause the game to lag horribly when the tile information window was visible. This may explain a lot of the performance issues in the game. Fixed a bug in which air patrols were observing EVERY tile on the screen instead of only tiles which had things on them. Division supplies now actually become lower when supply units take supplies (I can't believe I missed this one). To balance things out, starting supplies are now higher, and monthly intake is also higher.. More Events : Hi all, Relatively minor content update this week. I just focused on adding some more events rather than adding any new features this time around. Bugfixes/Changes: Fixed bug with construction of field hospitals, showers, and field kitchens. Added eight new random events, with at least one new event for each officer.. Hotfix 5 : Hi all, Dealt with a rather serious issue this update, which is why there is such a quick turnaround. Bugfixes/Changes: Fixed issue in which popups would take precedence over subscreens like Headquarters and Order of battle, effectively locking up the game if these subscreens were open when a popup appeared. The HQ screen was not refreshing properly when reserve units were replaced. This would cause weird issues when attempting to change a unit's type in reserve. Following on from above, upgrades were not being reflected properly after being loaded from a save game. This has been fixed. Debug functionality was left over in which using the "Suppress Area" command would give 50,000 Valour points for no reason. I've removed it. Now your men have to die just like everyone else's. Fixed a crash which would occur if units went on leave while still selected/highlighted. Added the existing commander stats to the commander reassignment popup, so that you can compare commanders. Following on from above, old commanders were not being reset to "Unassigned" when replaced, which meant that commanders would gradually disappear from the list of available commanders. This should no longer happen.

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