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Newport 100s carton 12 litres Epoxy

Microspheres and then layered on the outside with a strong layer of 300 gm biaxial glass cloth and epoxy resin. The instructions contained in t.Newport 100s cartonhe plan fully detail to the last degree every technique that will be needed to build these boats. The plans, known as the 'e.asybuild' method requires no complicated lofting but a very simple 'join the dots' method that can be drawn directly onto the ply. For example.Newport 100s carton, the whole boat (a 12) can be drawn up in one afternoon and all the shap.Newport 100s cartones cut out. The finished weight, minus motor, is approximately thirty o.Newport 100s cartondd kilos depending on the weight of ply, epoxy and glass that you use.Newport 100s carton. The transom is a single piece of ply approximately 20mm in width. Built with th.ese composite materials, it strong, tough, extremely light and with care will last for years. SAILS AND SAILING GEAR All dimensions for.cigarettes marlboro the above gear are supplied with the plan and all equipment is availa.Marlboro Cigarettesble from any local chandlers. The gear required is simple, cheap and easy to.newport Cigarettes build for a first time builder. WHAT TOOLS WILL I NEED Not many. A jigsa.newport Cigarettesw, clamps, an orbital sander, a drill and perhaps an electric planer and a .belt sander with a few assorted grade belts would be handy! Materials - 4 sheets ply for 12'.5 sheets for 16' sheets ply for 19br > Plyw.ood sheets 1220mm x 2440mm ply, suitable for boatbuilding. There are many and various makes and grades and Il not enter into that can of worms,. suffice to say that with the use of epoxy composites you will not be restricted necessarily to arine ply Exterior ply treated properly will l.ruby130527 ast for many years. 1 piece 15mm ply 3x 6 Approximately 6 metres 300gm bi-axial fibreglass cloth. 12 litres Epoxy Q-Cells or Microspheres. Various assorted widths of Hoop Pine or Meranti 40mm x 10mm for rubbing strakes. 1 roll of glass tape, approximately 4wide. Copper wire or electrical ties. Several polystyrene fruit boxes. Twenty or thirty 10 x 40 clipboard screws (for temporary holding purposes). 1 litre Epoxy primer. 1 litre gloss enamel. Several long, thin battens for curves, approximately 15br > Materials required for the sails and sailing gear will be listed in the plans and can be varied if required upon advice from your rigger or sail maker. Interested more informationon building your own boat can be found on the website listed below. NOTE:If you would like to see some
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