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About This Game

Metrico is a new world. A living world of infographics, driven by your input. All the bar charts, line diagrams and pie charts react to what the player is doing. One bar diagram might grow for every step you walk to the left, while another could decline with every jump you make.

A New Perspective
You will have to explore Metrico and carefully analyze your every move to see how it affects the world, and whether it will get you further. This mechanic is called “Input Morphing” and it makes you think about actions you normally don’t think about.

  • 6 unique worlds to explore with distinct challenges, mechanics, looks, and sounds
  • Original music by Palmbomen
  • Play as a boy or girl
  • Decide what your story is in Metrico+

Metrico+ is a combination of exploration, skill, experimentation, but most of all: thinking outside of the box.

Welcome to Metrico. We hope you have what it takes.

Title: Metrico+
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Digital Dreams
Digital Dreams
Release Date: 23 Aug, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7 or Vista (with update KB971644)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5, 1.7 Ghz or comparable
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 600 / Radeon 5400 or comparable, 128mb
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

English,French,Italian,German,Arabic,Bulgarian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,Finnish,Greek,Hungarian,Japanese,Korean,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Swedish,Thai,Traditional Chine

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Casual puzzle platformer. Played first level, no bugs, was not entertained.. Good, creative puzzle game. Admirable how it communicates its rules without words, even when making you figure out how the controls work. Not too long.. Started a new game, pushed a single key, and then it crashed.

The game menus look like they were created by animating screenshots of a hypothetical Android version of this game.... confusing layout, big buttons with only icons, blurry, etc. Additionally, none of the them have any text at all to explain what it is that you're clicking so it's a bit confusing to navigate. And almost all the text in the game looks blurry from what I've seen.. Fun game. Pretty much everything you do changes a levels parameters more and more the further along you progress. Short but it's a different style of puzzle game!. You notice that the elements of each level react to what you do in some way, but how exactly is up to you to figure out. You don't get any instructions aside from "this button now does something" in each chapter.

I've had a few crashes, but the game starts quickly so it's no big deal.. Good idea but not a good game. Very short, feels like unfinished, terrible music and sounds. Worth maybe 1 dollar.. Some really fresh puzzle ideas with an unique look and sound.. quot;A puzzle game using entirely infographics" is what I read on one of the reviews I think; maybe I imagined it, but regardless, that quote is the best and only way to sum up this oddity of a game.

Each of the puzzles are interesting and on the complex side, and generally made me feel good when I solved them.
I don't have much a pechant for puzzles but this is the farthest I've ever gotten in one.
If the idea of going and firing line graphs at things eventually sounds appealing, you've come to the right place.


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