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Lance A Lot: Classic Edition Activation.rar

Lance A Lot: Classic Edition Activation.rar

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About This Game

Lance A Lot is a local party game that pits 4 friends against each other in GLORIOUS rocket-powered combat! Fly across the sky on a noble rocket steed and use your lance to send worthy adversaries plummeting towards the ground. In the end there can only be one knight left standing!


  • USE YOUR LANCE, A LOT. A single strike with the tip of the lance is all it takes to unseat an opponent. Hence, you are always one hit away from triumph – or defeat.
  • JOUST ON ROCKETS. Because horses are for peasants – true knights battle in the skies!
  • PLAY WITH PHYSICS. Most objects in the environment can be bounced, bent, thrown or moved.
  • CHANGE THE RULES. Play around with different mutators to create your own style of jousting.
  • DOMINATE THE SKIES. Compete across a variety of islands in 4 different modes. Duel rivals in single combat or clash in free-for-all modes like King of the Hill and Capture the Flag.

Title: Lance A Lot: Classic Edition
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 18 Oct, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 6850 (for 60fps in 1080p at Low, or 60fps in 720p at High)
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Controller for each player is recommended (keyboard supports 2 players)

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Polish,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Swedish

lancelot classic edition

Neat little game that's a lot of fun with 3-4 players. My only complaint is that is a little lacking in content.. Great party game. Controls are stupid simple and easy to pick up. Online play would be nice, but the game stands well on its own without it.. Awesome couch-party-game! A good variety of maps and a lot of options for adapting the game after your preferences.. I just love it!. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Short Version: It's a must buy to play locally with friends and must have, and you want to push the developer to make it bigger and better.

Warning: At the moment of this review there is no "online multyplayer", or local AI to play against. It's for you and your friend to play on the couch at home as games "used to be", so that your screams of joy and suffering can be heard while someone is on a destruction rampage.


Long Version:

Looking in to the Steam games for Local coop, you don't find much of appealing games for a nice evening and party with your friends, the choices are quite limited to few choices: Magicka, Towerfall, Gang beasts... but the rest doesn't look solid enough for a buy or lasting fun. Lance a Lot was a nice surprise, it looked good, the gameplay seemed nice and so I decided to give it a go.

Results? The game is very fun, and it was a surprise that is one of the game overlooked by Steamers because it is a nice hidden gem. Reading more about the developers, you quickly realise that this was a short experiment that it became much more popular that the developer expected. It's a pity because they deserve someone to sponsorship them and give them more funds, the game has much potential and it could be refined even more with many interesting features, because I sincerely want this game to grow.

Flying on a rocket on the sound of hectic classical music (great choice by the way, I was screaming the song while trying to impale my friends), and than discovering that you don't need to just impale your friends to win, but you can even punch them, or push them out of bounds, or make explode with the holy granade or barrels it add a small layer of tactic into the game.

Other positive things about the game is the choice of 4 modes (without counting the tournament option) on the skirmish play: Last Man standing (doesn't matter the kills just survive at the end!!!), Capture the Flag (get hold of the flag and run away like a master chiken that wish to fly before someone else kills you), King of the hill (or better Pinball of the hill, you hit a target and try to keep off people from to touch that target) and Kill mode (the most kills wins, but don't die by suicide or you'll lose point. Damn thorns map, I hate you!!!).

Than you have as well customization of parameters that make the game more interesting, like full throttle acceleration (so you cannot stay still anymore), length of your Lance (tiny lance fights are ridicoulus and hilarous) etc...

Some maps have interesting surrounding effect, thorns if you hit them twice they can kill you, the floating air if you stay too long you die, the damn trees that you get often stuck into and try to get free from it, the teleports that teleport you when you least expect when you try to avoid an enemy lance, the holy granade, the explosive barrels and the rotating stick of doom! (I wish that this one was moving a tiny bit faster).

This game show at his best with 4 people playing on the gamepads. We laughed, we cried, we promised doom and destruction on each other. So yes, it's a game to show off at your gaming party nights and it is assured fun.


Suggestions for the developers:

- I wish like some other guy told on the forum, to have a random button for this kind of settings or have a play mode on which every round the setting just change automatically, because choosing them it's good but most of the time when you are into the zone of fun, you just don't want to think and I want ready solutions.
- I want more maps, at least 4 more. One in particular that I imagine it is a simple single file line on which we need to charge each other for 1vs1, and maybe you can do it like a cross so in 2vs2 we can meet crashing each other in the center.
- The map with thorns with the mode who kill the most, was stressing and fun at the same time... maybe that map need a bit more space because of the thorns, it was the longest game and I believe quick and fun it's the best deal of the experience.
- You need to explain a bit the dynamic of the punch that it's not clear at all how to achieve it into the game (we had different trial until we figure it out).
- I agree with everyone saying multiplayer over AI, if you can do it, do it. And I understand the difficulty of lobby for the game, the latency etc... maybe wait for a bit more success or look for investors to fund it. Don't give it away, if this was your training ground game, think of it as training and get better as team.
- Give me one more game mode, I loved the capture the flag, because I was defensless and I had to run the whole time. Maybe something like Rocket League on which you have a bouncy spike ball that you need to try to score (or maybe kill someone else with) good for a 2vs2 game or 1vs1 game. We have always game everyone againts everyone, but not modes on which we can team together vs another team. And I believe that could be even fun to have a specific game mode that is 3vs1 like the capture the flag (like you have the fast rocket and longest lance, but your enemies have short lance and slow rockets but you need to avoid them and kill them all).
- If you ever introduce AI, think about co-op mode. 4 knights vs hordes of monster to defend the entrance of the castle. Friendly fire obviously is on, so while try to save the princess you can kill your friends anyway at the last 10th wave :D


Developers please get in contact with me if you want ask some more questions about my personal game experience, I am happy to help, you made a great game that deserve more attention. Good luck.. It's a great game!
But please, add online multiplayer mode!
Thanks in advance!

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