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About This Game

In Kommissar, you take the rôle of a regime commissar. A perfect designed gear for the machine of peace & wealth utopia.

Your duty and commitment is to lead the Ministry of Truth and to keep the Independent City-State of Roulettenburg united under the regime's iron fist.

Mobilize its agents, neutralize the insurgents in the districts, interrogate the suspects and watch out for your fellow citizens whilst capturing dissidents all for the glory of your fatherland.


    a new challenge in each game. The social context of Roulettenburg and its citizens motivations will be different every time you play.
    profound and harsh story arcs that will not let you indifferent. You will be presented to moral dilemmas that will make you question reality as you know it.
    all possible outcomes of a story which take form through your actions and the alliances and loyalties that your forge.
    captured suspects and choose wisely your actions. Judge between either being magnanimous or pushing them to the limit as you bear the consequences.
    the regime and do your duty as a respected member of the party. Go wherever is required and obey the orders.
    the events to pursue your own interests. After all, you are the truth and the truth is power.

Title: Kommissar
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Release Date: 6 Apr, 2017


It's been dead for months now. no updates, and no addition to the confusing and buggy gameplay. avoid.. Updates have stopped, new game company that doesn't know what its doing. game is poorly done, dialogue and bugs galore, stay away.. they don't update on a weekly base so the development of this game isn't too well there if any at all but they might come back and make this a game right now there isn't much of a game.. As others have said, no updates in 6 months and the game really isn't playable. Loved the concept, but I think we got cheated.. Could be Good in future

I do believe this game can become great and lead to a great success, but at its current state it is figity, and has not enough content to keep a person on entertained. It is very slow game and appears to be inspired by Papers, please. It lacks the fast past excitment of Papers, please. Papers, please is defined by its balance of managing family, food, and how fast and accuratly you can process paper work. This game however has no time limit and is not required to process anything. You can sit there with paper work on your desk forever and with no reason to do it, I don't see the point in playing. There is no edge in this game.

At its current state I do not reccomend buy it. I will decide my the status of this review as the builds progress.. The game needs a lot of work, from simple things like bugs and graphical glitches to large things like story inconsistencies, proper english, a proper tutorial and a better gameplay. The fact that the last update happened on May gives me very little hope for the future of this game. Of course, something may have happened to the Dev, and i wouldn't blame them for it, but be aware of how regular the updates really are when buying this game by taking this in mind. With that being said, the idea is quite interesting, and although it did remind me of "Papers, Please", It offered what i think is a fresh take in the "Be a government employee in a Dystopian Environment\/Country" genre.

Still, i wouldn't recommend purchasing it now, not even in a sale. Perhaps a couple of updates from now i might reconsider my opinion.. Love the idea of this game, but it has a lot of problems that even a pre-alpha version shouldnt have. The games code dosent insert the color of eyes, gender, or any details of people you interogate, which nobody seems to have found yet. Also the grammar is god awful. I would most defiently recommend that you wait until this game is fully realesed before you give it a go. (Really it shouldnt even be on Steam at all...). DO NOT BUY THIS GAME.

The developers are not updating what is essentially a poorly-written, mismatched and confusing pre-pre-pre-Alpha game. This "game" should never have seen the light of day yet, and I fear the developers have taken our money and ran.

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