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About This Game

Icebound is a steampunk fantasy visual novel and puzzle game in a world that has fallen into the depths of a thousand-year ice age. Alchemy is a very real ability to manipulate the forces of nature and machines run using clockworks and steam. Humans have united under the Empire, a mighty continent-wide government that seeks to harness the power of alchemy, while the horned race of ferans lives in tenuous peace.

A wandering alchemist named Dougal, and his icebat Familiar, Isaac, wind up in Isenbarr, an isolated frontier town that is about as cold as you can get. But, when he tries to get a job, he stumbles upon a mysterious challenge with a potentially priceless reward, and several other alchemists vying for the prize. He must use all the alchemical skills at his disposal in order to defeat the monster plaguing the town and prove himself worthy. Unfortunately for him, this seemingly straightforward task turns out to be anything but.

Novel-length story

  • A whimsical yet complex story with over 100,000 words of alchemy, mystery, romance and deceit.
  • Many moral choices that change characters' dialogue and reactions, and influence the story's ending.
  • Includes an unlockable encyclopedia that fleshes out the game's world.

Challenging puzzle gameplay

  • Put your alchemy skills to the test in 10 increasingly difficult optional puzzles.

Original Soundtrack

  • Includes a high quality original soundtrack and music room.

Title: Icebound
Genre: Indie
Fastermind Games
Fastermind Games
Release Date: 5 Aug, 2015


Not a bad game, not a great game but pretty good compared to most steam VN in my opinion.
Plenty of choices in the game and different endings..tho a lack of romance options i am happy
that there atleast was one in the game.The puzzle game is not to hard and not to easy, perfect for
me.. The game seems to have a lot of content, and a player really can use this as a criteria to judge a game. The story is long enough to be enjoyable, and there are a lot of characters, and nice soundtracks that go well with the story.

The game has a few puzzles that you can play through and are somewhat enjoyable, you can see that a lot of work has gone into this game. The menu interface is well done, and the background art and characters are very original and fun to interact with.

Granted this is a story game more than anything else, and you will be reading and working your way through the game most of the time with choices that will lead you through more dialogue. Some choices though only have 1 choice, so it is not really a choice......there would be no need to have that window open up.

There is no animation in the game, just a series of static image art, of 2 characters on a well painted background and reading through the story below. But, don't let this detract from the game as it is quite enjoyable.

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