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How to Engage Millennial Candidates

Millennials – self-absorbed, disloyal, cynical, cautious. This is how 18-35 year old candidates are thought of. But they are the biggest tribe of recruits hires now have at their disposal. They are also highly talented, forward-thinking, and smart. So how do you draw from this pool of Gen Y talent? Engage them! Here are a few pointers on how you can start:

Tap their friendly, open-minded nature, and sharp intelligence

1stThese are the top three traits most millennial candidates identify with. With a keen desire for both personal and professional growth, they scour for roles that help them advance, and grant workplace flexibility. Detail these opportunities in the recruitment strategy – their ambition will certainly get the better of them!


Take the time to answer all their questions

2ndThe time companies take to respond to a query, the length of theirhiring process, and the paperwork involved, greatly peeve this generation – irrespective of the industry. Find a way to work around these pain points and you’ll be highly rewarded with an increased number of talented applicants.

Drive entrepreneurial motivation home

3RD2Most of Gen Y feel that hard work is the key to success. Surprised? Contrary to popular belief, this generation is driven and committed. The headstrong and stubborn attributes commonly associated with young professionals are often misunderstood. Studies show that nearly 70% of millennials enjoy a healthy bout of competition in the workplace. You should therefore create fun but realistic competition around business goals.

Put trustworthy leadership at the fore

4thEveryone wants to know that they can trust their organization. But millennials say they would like to trust their leaders as well. This is when they feel most engaged at work. Therefore, when recruiting, make sure you give them insight into the company’s mentor ship programs that gives them an opportunity to get to know their leaders.


Make the effort to appreciate and motivate them

5thAll they want is to know they’re a great asset to the company and that their work is valued. So tell them that! Many a time, such feedback slips through the cracks. This internet-savvy generation seeks constant validation.

Do away with preconceived notions about millennials. Tweak your hiring policies to draw them in. Gen Y isn’t afraid to ask questions. Make sure you aren’t afraid to answer them!

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