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Hooded Angels Full Movie In Italian 720p

Hooded Angels Full Movie In Italian 720p >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Hooded Angels

Genge: Action,Western













































A gang of women wreak vengeance upon the society that failed them.
QUICK QUIZ: Do you like the one Lesbian Character in a movie to be an Evil Paranoid Psychopath? Do you love your Leading Ladies to be so Passionless and Devoid of Emotion that you begin to worry that they Can't Actually Act? Is your idea of the Wild West filled with more Leather Chaps, Leather Hats and Leather Vests than a San Francisco Leather-Daddy Convention?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Glory Glory is for you!

The problem with its tag line, "Sex is Power," is that you first have to have something sexy going on in order to get that power. Director Paul Matthews somehow managed the near-impossible by getting half a dozen actresses, all willing to flounce around at times nearly nude, to turn out one of the dullest, least suspenseful, least erotic films in memory. I can forgive a lot in a story provided it isn't boring and that's the best that I can say about Glory Glory – it's so dreary that even the "deviant" lesbian comes off so clichéd and tedious that I can't get the energy up to be insulted at the movie's subtext of "Get Straight or Get Killed." Of course she's Psychotic and Villainous. Of course the Leading Ladies all find the Love of a Good Man. Whatever. Next! Aging Western fans fondly remember the fantasy Wild West of their youth. The cowgirls of early TV and popcorn movie matinée's were perky and assertive. Dressed like Barbie dolls at the rodeo, those B Western cowgirls could be mighty appealing, but they were rarely given much to do. Most of the riding, roping, fighting and shooting was left up to the boys.

Hooded Angels(aka Glory Glory) finally shows cowgirls some respect. The women here actually populate the landscape outside of a saloon. Furthermore, these gals can ride, shoot and aren't afraid of a high noon showdown.

I would have enjoyed this would-be-Western a lot more though, if it didn't seem so surreal. This tale supposedly takes place in the American Old West, but there isn't an authentic ten gallon hat anywhere in sight. This doesn't look like the fun, stylized Old West of early Hollywood, or even the gritty, less romanticized frontier of more contemporary Westerns. Most of the characters have assorted global English accents that don't exactly sound "home on the range". Gary Busey, in a small role, is one of few that sounds reasonably authentic here. These gorgeous gals wear wardrobes that defy description, like the post-apocalypse types in a Mad Max movie. For a fantasy Western without any high-falutin' pretenses, flattering jeans and Western styled shirts would have been a lot easier on the eye and far more appropriate for an escapist Western.

The cinematography is OK, and Hooded Angels features some decently staged action sequences.

I hope some intrepid film makers attempt this kind of material again, but next time with more affection and understanding of the mythical American Old West.


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