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*This is not meant to be a realistic Gun Range. Just an inexpensive app to try something new with your VR*

Sandbox style Gun Range for the HTC Vive. Pick up a gun and have fun, don't forget to look around and experience everything Gun Range VR has to offer, including the Mini Games with online leaderboards. You never know when you will find something new to play with. Don't be afraid to try anything.

--Game Features--

* Free Play Area To Try Items (With Secrets)
* 16 Mini Games With Online Leader Boards
* Top 10 Online Leader Board Names Displayed In Each Mini Game Room For All To See
* Top 30 Online Leader Board Names Displayed In Main Menu
* Steam Achievements
* Steam Trading Cards & Badges
* Guest Profile For A Friend To Compete

This game will include frequent updates to add new items to randomize the experience.

Title: Gun Range VR
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Jeffrey Cretin
Limited Resources
Release Date: 22 Jul, 2016


  • OS: Windows 8.1+


This is my first Steam Review - i had to share with you how utterly terrible this game is. I am anoyed at myself that i purchaed it on trust before there were reviews. Its utter garbage.

Gunrange - this is not an accurate description, pporly scripted and unusable objects - is a betterone.

save your money for somethign of value to your life.. I'm sure the game looked fun, but I couldn't pick the gun up after remapping my game area several times. And I also kept reading that you had to continously hold the button down to grip a gun. I'll be uninstalling this now.. i sat there for a good 10 minutes trying to pick up a gun and it was not working. i was holding down on the grip button on my controller. THIS IS A SCAM PEOPLE.. EDIT: I've had some messages back and forth with the developer and so I'm (so far) still leaving the thumbs down, but I'll change what I said about a cash grab. If the developer is willing to update the game to fix the issues I listed, this could easily be worth $5.

I'll Update as time goes on.

My original review :

I can sorta respect what the developer is trying to do here. You get a nice cheap little shooting range and you can have some fun with it right? Well, a few glaring problems made me want to get out of this game pretty quickly.

Things I liked about this game:

  • There's an easy reset button in case you need to restore everything to the default position<\/li><\/ul>
    Wait, that's it? There was nothing else you liked?

    Yeah, that's pretty much it. I sorta liked the monkey you could shoot and the plane, and all the other little things but none of it really added that much to it. It was more of a distraction from the bad things which I'm going to list here

    Things I didn't like:
    • The scale of the game is all wrong. it feels like the pistol would be about 2 feet long and 1 to 1.5 feet tall. Either that or maybe I'm supposed to be a kid that got into the shooting range unsupervised as a warning tale of the dangers of lax gun control?
    • The graphics are ridiculously simplistic. PS1 level graphics without PS1 level gameplay.
    • Grabbing the weapons is awkward and you often have to grab it with one hand... pass it off to another and then grab it again with the first hand to sorta get it to where you want it.
    • The guns never align with the way they SHOULD. I feel like I'm holding the gun kinda askew and the trigger feels like it's in the wrong spot. Contrast this with A-10 VR or Space pirate trainer and you'll see how it's supposed to feel.
    • Shooting the targets seems like the scale is off there too. You see a huge target (I'd estimate it as a circle 4 or 5 feet in diameter) but the actual target you are expected to hit is more like a small circle 1 foot in diameter.
    • The gun sounds are horrible Nothing sounds like you're firing a deadly weapon. They sound instead like you shot a cap pistol.
    • they want you to grab the clip and insert it into the gun like you were doing a real reload, and then don't provide you with an accurate way to do that. You pick up the clip sideways and slap it against the butt of the gun and somehow magically you just reloaded! YAY!<\/li><\/ul>. UPDATE: The developer has literally gone insane in the comments below. He starts out by cursing at me and telling me to get a life and the begins to flip out on me in the comments, then deleting his own selection of comments. Now he is threatening that I will be banned (comments he also deleted) because I am hacking and scamming the developer...

      This just further confirms what I say below. Stay away from this developer


      Where do I start?


      Aside from the game (Which I will get to in a moment) lets talk about the scum that is this developer.

      I left a comment on the forums letting him know that he should show more footage of guns in his marketing videos. How did he respond? By yelling at me and perma banning me from the forums saying quote "Obviously you have it out for the devs"

      Which prompted me to go ahead and buy his game to give it a fair shot even though he was rude to me....and WHOA BOY is this a stinker.

      He uses free assets from the Unity store and didn't even get the FREE TOOL KIT working.

      The controls are awful, the music is terrible, the "gameplay" is the WORST I have experienced.

      So not only is this game terrible, but the developer as well is a terrible person apparently and I have no faith he will support this product or do anything other than yell at his customer base more.

      REFUND!!!!!!!!! :). Good for 5 minutes. Grabbing guns is too hard.. this is the worst game i ever payed for the content is nothing you only have a pistol a shotgun a ak and a m4
      dont buy this game worst 5$ ever spended if you wand a good shooting range game buy horsheshoes hotdogs and handgrenades. The way this game handles holding a gun in atrocious. Having to hold the grip button down all the time is just stupid, and there is not enough content to be enjoyable either.

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