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God's Basement is a first-person, narrative-driven, single player horror game. The deeper you explore, the more you remember about your past life, along with the horrors associated with it. Discover the secret to God's Basement and what kind of individuals are sentenced here. Fight the fear seeping into your mind as the horrors of the past come alive through the world around you.


You wake up in a normal, almost monotonous office room, hearing the faint sound of a phone ringing in the next room. The caller is an entity that introduces himself as The Operator, and gives you a set of instructions to follow. The documents around the room imply that you are in the afterlife, a specific version of the afterlife called God's Basement. The Operator keeps instructing you to go deeper and explore the depths of God's Basement, while simultaneously revealing the details of your past life, along with the horrors associated with it.


- A strong focus on atmospheric tension
- Two main environments, a modern office area and a house
- Includes puzzles and riddles with varying difficulty
- Primarily a "Walking-Simulator"
- Emphasizes the unfolding of a story rather than fast paced action-oriented gameplay
- Provides an intense psychological horror experience


God's Basement doesn't have any complicated mechanics. The game doesn't involve any survival, retaliation or "hide and seek" style gameplay. Atmospheric horror elements are emphasized, along with creepy and borderline disturbing imagery. Most of the events in the game are scripted and straightforward although there are puzzles and riddles to be found. This game follows more of a "Walking-Simulator" style of gameplay than an action oriented one. If you're looking for a fast-paced, action-packed survival horror experience, this game probably won't satisfy that need. If you're looking for a slower-paced, narrative-driven experience that puts a strong emphasis on fear, give this game a try. a09c17d780

Title: God's Basement
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 16 Oct, 2018

English,German,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Japanese,Korean,French

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It has a v spooky atmosphere and delivers on scary spooks, but the story is so cliche that I kept stopping for eye-rolling breaks.. God knows the truth.. This game had its moments, unfortunately a lot less good moments than bad ones. Kinda had a spooky vibe at times. But it's probably the worst paced horror game I've ever played, and the "puzzles" (if you can call them that) were illogical and tedious. There are pretty much three different solutions to them in the game, you either stare at something for x amount of time, or look for things that doesn't spawn in unless you do another step inbetween or you just wait. Oh, and you can softlock the game if you do some of these things in the wrong order.

At one point you have to sort boxes, 50 of them. I don't know who in their right mind would think that's great gameplay. Since the puzzles didn't make much sense and I couldn't wait to figure them out I usually just looked at the hint system (which you also have to wait for). This is a real snoozefest of a game. Don't bother.. Nice job........enjoyed it thoroughly..........Looking forward to your next one.. This game was pretty good. It does a great job of bulding tension, just like the school scenes from Outlast 2. The controls are pretty smooth as well. My only complaints are that it feels a little short (around 2.5 hrs to complete) and the ending ruins the tension. Overall its a pretty enjoyable game.. 5/10 and only recommended if it's under $10.

A very simple walking simulator with an OK plot and a few puzzles. The plot is interesting although I was able to figure it out well before the big reveal at the end. There are not many puzzles, so don't be looking for a Myst or Soma-like experience. You will need an occasional key or tool, but for the most part, you spend you time walking around, clicking on the few items that you can interact with, and zooming into things that will trigger the next phase of the game. It's not other games since you need to do certain things (even just retrace your steps) to trigger something like a door unlocking. It is mildly scary with a few jump scares, but this game does not have a monster that you must hide from while completing your tasks.

You can finish it in under 5 hours, and much of that will be spent walking back and forth. The wandering around and backtracking aspect of the game was annoying to me, as well as the lack of logic in what the triggers were to allow me to proceed. The menu interface is bewildering, and there is no save option, so you have to reach the next chapter in order for progress to be saved.

It's an OK use of a few hours of your time, so I would only buy it when it is steeply discounted.. This isn't a game. Not because I'm hating on horror games or "walking simulators" or anything like that. No, this game defies being played in any way whatsoever. Just trying to walk down a hallway into the next room is challenging not because of some ingenious puzzles, but because its nigh impossible to actually hit the triggers necessary to advance to the next scare cue. The controls are terrible, controller support is negligable (can't use them in menu at all) and the puzzles are not so much puzzles as impossible roadblocks or complete nonsense. The second level has a "puzzle" that has no hints at all. You just have to brute force it. I'm just so baffled that anyone could think this is good design. I havent' gotten too far into the game to see what the story is, but I'm already pulling my hair out with the way that the game tries to tell you it. Instead of letting you uncover the story in play, it basically forces you to sit through recaps of the story so far at the beginning, end, and often again during each and every level that I managed to force myself to slog through. And it does it so slowly and you have to wait through it in order to progress. Normally I would play more of a game before writing a review, but I just can't do it. Save yourself some time and find something else.. Come for the story/horror. Stay because you can't seem to figure out what to interact with to continue the chain of events. At times, the gameplay could become quite boring, but you don't stop playing because you want to finish the story. I did a complete run through during a 4 hour stream. That ending y'all. Play for that twist ending. If you like story driven games, I would highly recommend this game.. Well designed game hits on all points for me involving an indie horror game!!!

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