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About This Game

In Fat Foods, the goal is to eat as much as possible. (Multiplayer Mode is under development) The following features will be included in multiplayer, two players utilize the HMD and a PC monitor to go head-to-head. Armed with a frying pan and spatula, the second player takes on the role of a giant, they must keep the other player from reaching the finish line. In the Mall level, the second player becomes a huge monster, causing havoc to the environment.

Future releases to include:
- 4 Player Multiplayer
- Additional Multiplayer Levels and Modes
- Male and Female Player Models
- Custom Skins For Each Player
- Zoo Level
- Airport Level
- Highway Level 7ad7b8b382

Title: Fat Foods
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Early Access
Team 21 Studio
Team 21 Studio
Release Date: 22 Jan, 2018


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**EDIT** Wow, thank you so much sup@team21, honestly the best support I have gotten for a game yet. I still believe that the game is flawed but the potential is higher than birds in the sky. Give it a chance, keep and eye on this.

I returned this game, coop is horrendous since vr person cannot do anything, but besides the lack of it being able to work. Pretty awesome.. Edit: I have never seen a developer put so much effort in for his customers, he immediatly acted and fixed the complaints i gave him, it's much better when i tried it again the next day.
Thank you developer, you are the real mvp.

i feel bad giving this a bad review, because i can really see that the devs have put allot of effort in.
It is a beautifull game, weel thought thru.
But the control was not ok, i mean the rolling is good and boosting to, but i was just not able to climb or roll on to anything, maybe they should have wider "rails" in the game, or make them stick a bit, but when i tried to roll on like the cables to get up, i missed them allot, and when i was on, i rolled right off again immediatly.
When they improve on this ill be happy to buy again.
Also, i (maybe many others aswell) dont have a controller, maybe for the multiplayer implement keyboard controls aswell?. This game is fun and challenging to play. It's easy to get cought up in the game play. I can really catch some air when I use boost to climb or get around. Now I want to get a real burger!. Game is surprisingly fun! I downloaded it for my kids, and ended up playing with them. VR multiplayer is amusing. Controls take some getting used to, but I'll be watching this title.

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