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Original Title: 4,722 Hours

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller








































After her dramatic rescue from another planet, Simmons is still reeling from her ordeal and reveals how she had to fight for her life in a harsh new world.
Hats off to the writers for this episode. Such a great and bold endeavor in this one. It really left me wanting this show even more. I didn't even know that this story line was even relevant and wouldn't have wanted to watch it so much if I had known. But after seeing it I have developed a greater interest in these characters and feel that it has justified much of the goings on. My hunger for the satisfaction of seeing the fruition of this story line and where it will take me has compelled me to write this review. I apologize for the emptiness of the latter part of this review as I had intended it to be very short and to the point, but I need to have 10 lines of text so...
... for reasons that have nothing to do with the content. Once again (discussed in many of my other TV reviews) I am seeing a pattern where the producers create a successful formula -- in this case one based almost entirely on "team" action and "team" effort and "team" dynamics -- and then, playfully, the way a cat plays with a mouse, try to burn that formula to the ground.

Of course, to say this episode is a "departure" is an understatement, given that it takes place in another solar system.

And to suggest that this episode is merely a complex love story is also understatement, given that, for a few moments at the end of the episode, a single woman is alone on an entire planet accompanied only by two men, both of which are in love with her.

In my reviews I try (really really really try) to talk about "connection" because, when the party is over and the band is packing up, and all the clever IMDb reviews have been written, that is all you have left of the experience.

This one gets 10 points for effort (hey, there are two hour theatrical movies that are LESS ambitious than this single episode!) but the result is awkward. The audience is forced to make the transition from survival story to love story --- and frankly the shift is not as seamless as the writers hoped.

One suspects this odd episode looked better in the early writing than it does as a finished episode.

And that is not a sterling endorsement.

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