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About This Game

Play Domino game in DomiCard. You can create as many dominos as you want in this game before your computer gets burned. Also, "Cubes" can be used to build anything you like, such as a bridge, a gate, or some other buildings.
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Right now, this game supports Single-player and Multiplayer (Local area network and online), the Workshop is available as well!
DomiCard is just a simulation, try to play domino game in the real world with your friends, you may make a leap.

Please leave comments for helping me to improve this game.
Note: a folder "savedExamples" is under \SteamApps\common\DomiCard\DomiCard_Data\savedExamples. Players can load those three example folders and have a shoot with them. Hope you enjoy. b4d347fde0

Title: DomiCard
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Jun Zhao, 赵骏
Jun Zhao
Release Date: 16 Aug, 2018

English,Simplified Chinese

reminds me of being young , thank you love it. reminds me of being young , thank you love it

11/Dec/2018: update & debug:

  • Update:
    • The whole Tutorial Scene is updated to be more interactive (hopefully). Go ahead to the Tutorial if you feel confused about the game key settings.
  • Debug:
    • Fixed that the Quick Save hotkey not working sometimes.
    • Fixed cannot save the newest prop (six tiles combination).
. Guide for control settings has been added:
A guide for introducing the basic control settings has been added at "Community" -> "Guides".
Please check the guide if you feel confused, and there is a tutorial video as well for your convenience.. 20/Dec/2018 Update:

New tool added in the game. Players can load a local png image from their computer and place it in DomiCard. This is going to be very useful for building a large project. For example, draw the plan with a drawing software (Photoshop), save as a png file, then load it into DomiCard. Now, follow the image and place dominos. Ez:steamhappy:. 30/Jan/2019 Update:
  • Update:
    • The colour pallet has been changed from 12+3 colours to 24+6 colours.
      For more, there is a way to get more colours in the game, release the hotkey "C" outside the pallet. However, I highly not recommend players to do this, using other colours will cost more on GPU.
    • The texture of the "Hand" is changed, looks better than before.
. 21/Mar/2019 Update & Debug:
For new players, please have a look at the Guides page ( because the control system of this game is not simple.
  • Update
    • Remove props from the left side, add an inventory to contain all props.
    • Add four item bars (bottom side) to use props in the game. For how to use them, check the Guides page, please.
    • Add a new prop - Cannon, with only one shoot.
    • Add a new prop - a scalable glass tile. Just like a glass domino.
    • Some UI updates.
  • Debug
    • Fixed: In LAN mode, the new joined client cannot load the exits props correctly.
    • Fixed: Cannot close the Steam Workshop UI.
    • Other known bugs fixed.
. Happy Lunar New Year:
Happy Lunar New Year to everybody, I hope you can enjoy this festival (not only the Steam discount event).
DomiCard has been published for almost six months from last August to now. This is my first published work, and I feel so good to see that you guys playing my game and making comments. Thanks again to everyone and I wish to see more and more people that give me feedback and enjoy the game.
Also, as an indie game developer, I will do my best to optimize and develop this game. As I have promised at the beginning, I made this game from only support single-player to multiplayer (LAN and online), and I hope to have more feedback and support from players in the future.
The next mission is, I will add some new optional scene maps (no longer empty). These new maps might be published as DLCs (free) because the game only takes hundreds of MBs right now and the added map may take more than a GB. Therefore, players can make the decision by yourselves to choose whether to add the DLC or not (there will be no extra functions, only has a new scene map).
Best wishes,
:steamhappy:. 29/Nov/2018 Update & debug:
  • Update
    • Added a new prop -->
    • The graphic of the ground is changed to
    • The put position of flat card is fixed.
. 30/Nov/2018 Update & debug:
  • Update
    • From now, the cube can be set to have the gravity of not by the player.
  • Debug
    • The fifth prop (added last day) can be loaded correctly.

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