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About This Game

As Barry the miner, scurry around the mines collecting diamonds before the ghosts can capture you.

Life is hard as a miner; you have to get up early every day, get down underground and harvest gems by digging them out of the ground.

It is tough, dirty work with little appreciation. It is even harder when the only mines you have access to are HAUNTED! And these ghosts are very persistent spectres.

Luckily for Barry, he is not without his own tricks. Planting traps behind him to freeze these incorporeal guardians of the deeps seems to be just as important as belting walls with his pickaxe to get the gems.

Featuring retro style pixel graphics Diamond Deeps harkens back to the old days of simple but addictive gameplay. Not only is Diamond Deeps a a single-player game in its own right but also the ability for gamers to make their own levels to play, share and challenge each other is one of the best ways to let your creative spirit run.

Like sitting on the lounge? No worries Diamond Deeps supports controllers and can accommodate any lounge sloth playing on their Steam Machine! a09c17d780

Title: Diamond Deeps
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 1 Jun, 2015


I liked the old school look and overall style here but the freeze mechanic was really annoying. It took me forever to understand it due to inadequate tutorials. Once it clicked, I started having more fun but it still frustrated me. Overall I had an ok time but more frustration than fun.. Was having fun, but there are some bugs in the game. It crashed on me but that may have been the fault of my computer. Still dont think id recommend because there it doesnt really bring anything new to the table. Was hoping for something more like Shovel knight. Well executed old school fun, brings me way back.

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