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A conservator is appointed by the court is responsible for taking care of finances of someone who cannot make his/her own decisions due to disability, injury or illness. Sometimes, an injury, disability or illness makes it hard or impossible for them to make decisions about their living situations, money, healthcare, or other matters of life. There are two types of conservators who accommodate various needs of the incapacitated person.

First, a conservator of person is appointed by court to deal with the personal affairs of incapacitated that is unable to meet his personal needs. These needs include food, shelter, clothing, safety and healthcare. Second is the conservator of the estate that is appointed to deal with the financial affairs of incapacitated person who cannot make decisions for adequate property management. A person may need both kinds of conservators. Thus, only one person or two separate individuals may serve in both situations.

If a court concludes that a person is incapacitated, the court decides to appoint a conservator of person for him/her. Sometimes, a court appoints a guardian for an incapacitated person, called ward. The guardian is appointed to make non-monetary and healthcare decisions of a ward. It depends on how the ward is incapacitated, and on a situation that a court appoints a conservator or a guardian for someone.

As situations are different, thus, the court looks at all facts while making decisions about appointing a guardian or a conservator. However, there are some situations when the court appoints both a conservator and a guardian; and the same person can be appointed as a conservator and as a guardian at the same time. The court considers a close family member of the incapacitated person, to be appointed as a conservator of person.

However, the court considers friends or other relatives if there no close family member available. In some cases, when no relative or friend is available for this purpose, the court appoints a neutral person who is trained attorney and can handle the matters of incapacitated person on regular basis. There are several companies that provide the services of conservator for the people who are searching for assistance in personal or financial matters without finding that they are incapable.

Anyone can file an application to probate court for appointment of a conservator. The probate court mostly holds a hearing within thirty days after receiving an application. However, we provide services as conservator of person in both cases: if someone has applied to probate court for conservator or if they are searching for one independently.

The following link serves this purpose: . We also provide the services of a temporary conservatorship. A person that is considered by the court to be interested in welfare of a ward may request for appointment of a temporary conservator. However, the court appoints a temporary conservator if it finds by evidence that the ward is incapable of caring himself/herself or managing his/her personal and financial affairs. We provide the services of long term, as well as, temporary conservator.

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