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About This Game

ConcPerfect 2017

Quick Description
ConcPerfect 2017 is SwimDog Co.'s latest creation! Race your friends at super high speeds with concussive blasts sending you to heights you never thought humanly capable! Fast-paced and tension filled racing is the goal in Conc jumping!

Detailed Description
ConcPerfect is a skill based 3D platformer, with some puzzle elements. Players will be faced with a variety of obstacles that they must overcome with the use of a propulsion inducing blast (conc grenade) and careful maneuvering. Some obstacles may be complex and require some basic puzzle solving skills to figure out the correct path to complete it. Timing and precision are two skills this game will test harshly.

There are three multiplayer modes: Casual where you and your friends go through the courses as fast as you want or Race where you go head-to-head to see who can complete the course first! There is also "Concmination", a command point based game mode that will put your competitive concing skills to the test!

  • Over 16 detailed courses
  • Multiple bangin' game modes
  • Over 100 separate jump components
  • Customizable player models
  • Time based achievement system
  • Randomized courses (9-jump or 18-jump)
  • Tailored tutorial course
  • Well defined and smooth conc jumping mechanics
  • Three multiplayer modes
  • Original Soundtrack included with release

Title: ConcPerfect 2017
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Racing
David Bohan, Jacob Alfaro, Nyles Avey, Wesley King
Swimdog Co.
Release Date: 30 Jul, 2017


conc life chose me. best dollar ever spent
. Let me tell you this. I've played a few games with a few guys in my day, and boy, do those guys at Swim Dog Co. know how to make a game!

I'd like to start off by saying that I've been 'nade jumping since the early 2000s, but I ain't never done nothin' quite like concin'. I am so terrible at these games, but I heard that someone beat it in 5.935 seconds, so how bad could it be? The tutorial level was great at helping me acclimate to the situation at hand, and the first actual level was pretty great too. I look forward to playing the rest of the levels at some point; get a hold of me when some public servers are up!

The only downside is that I refuse to believe Pete's real name is either Nyles or Wesley. No way. What is this world coming to when people can refer to themselves by names other than their actual names? Back in my day, people would be online with their real names; names like boris, Gerald, Dennis, Jimmy, George Dobson, Max Rebo, Chuck (aka Hitman), Nick.

I feel betrayed by this revelation, but nowhere<\/i> near enough to let it interfere with my new way of life:

CONCING. Knowing the authors well enough, this game is a good chalenge with a fair learning curve. ConcPerfect 2017 has a wonderful sense of humor in it, a fair learning curve, and an all around decent synth sound track. In short it is a pleasure to play.. It has the charme of a very challenging GMOD fun map.

ConcPerfect 2017 is a bit rough around the edges and the controler support is horrible, but it's a fun game of "minigolf for psychopaths" you can play with your friends.. Really fun!. I bought this game simply because I was informed that two of the old JS (Janus Syndicate) Members were involved in the development behind ConcPerfect 2017: And I have to say, what an awesome game it is!

If you already don't know what "Concing" is, Concing is a skill based movement by usually throwing a concussion gernade on zed ground which is used to push the player forward in a direction of the player's choice: It was pretty common around to see a lot of maps dedicated to Concing created in the early 2000s while Team Fortress Classic still had a thriving community of players. Concing isn't exactly around anymore and the TFC days are long gone; However, this little indie game brings that back. You will concussion your way to victory by jumping platform to platform until you reach the very end of the level along with a timer that keeps track of your score. I would say it's more fun to play with others but sadly this has to be one of the most underrated games on Steam and barely has even a community. There is nobody playing it and it really deserves more players. Another thing is that, I did put a little over 2 hours in game and I've already had finished all of the levels. There simply isn't enough content. But the game is new and the developers are always coming out with new updates so hopefully they'll add more levels into the game and a workshop. The visuals are surprisingly good for a game that is being worked on by a small group of people probably with a very little budget. But at the end of the day, I really look forward to the future for ConcPerfect 2017 and I think it could have potential to become something. The gameplay is solid, the conc physics are spot on, the level design is really impressive, the visuals are good and cartoon-ish. But most importantly, It's fun to play especially with your friends! I highly suggest this to newcomers who have no experience with Concing who want to get into Concing and I recommend to Oldschool Concers who want a new experience with Concing. For $0.99 cents on Steam, you really can't go wrong with this game.

Overall rating:
6\/10. this game is a masterpiece. this game is more then great! it reminds me of TF2 sticky jumping and also other games (that i forgot) tbh its fun
racing your friends is great but i was wondering if you can play in 2018 with others????

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