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Children Of The Nile: Enhanced Edition Cracked Download

Children Of The Nile: Enhanced Edition Cracked Download

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About This Game

Children of the Nile™ is a unique gem of a city-building game, unparalleled in both grandeur and attention to detail.

As Pharaoh you will guide your people through thousands of years of history: from simple hunter-gatherers to the creation of an immortal civilization. Guide your people well and you will build breathtaking pyramids, explore the ancient world and wage war against your enemies.

Every inhabitant of your city is a fully developed, living person – part of an individual family and household with wants and needs. From priests to entertainers, scribes to laborers, even the royal family… everyone will need to eat and that’s just the beginning. Every block of stone that is hauled to your pyramid will be pulled by people who pray to the gods in temples of your choosing. Under your supervision, local economies will thrive as goods from reed baskets to gold jewelry will be created, purchased and enjoyed by the inhabitants of your city.

To achieve immortality a Pharaoh must look outside his city’s borders and make an impact on the world. Explore and open trade with foreign neighbors and you will have reason to build commemorative wonders that will tell the tale of your dynasty for all time. As your prestige rises so too will your ability to draw more people to your ambitious endeavors and build cities that are truly epic.

How will your dynasty be remembered?


Title: Children of the Nile: Enhanced Edition
Genre: Strategy, Simulation
Tilted Mill Entertainment, Inc.
Tilted Mill Entertainment, Inc.
Release Date: 2 Jul, 2008


This is one of my all-time favourite games. It has consumed many hours of my life as I replay it at least once a year. I’ll never get sick of it!. Very fun city builder set in ancient egypt. Made in the 90's but still holds it's charm today.. Really great game.. Children of the Nile is a game that encompasses much of what's wrong with the city builder genre these days. It simplifies things that shouldn't be simplified and turns concepts abstract that really needs to be spelled out.

The abstract resource gathering system and the almost absent transportation system makes learning how to play the game entirely trial and error. And that just doesn't work in this genre.

Graphically the game is very poor and you'll often find yourself having to zoom in as far as you can to find out what your people are doing and often just to select them.

The games only positive is that there really aren't that much competition in the city builder genre so if you're a fan, you really don't have much of an option other than to try out Children of the Nile.

A truly mediocre game and not really worth your money.. Over all a good game.
+ 50h game play over 15 scenarios - 100% completed.
+ The game has aged very well.
+ Sometime very challenging (until you learn how to propperly start every scenario).
+ Challenging decisions where to focus resuorses

* No monetary system besides bricks, food and some special material.
* After 3-4 scenarios, every city is built in the same fashion.
* Besides that the annual flood can destroy a building or two, these cities are immortal.

- UI is outdated and not as good as in similar (be that older and newer) games.
- Play tutorial or else you've no idea what you are doing (i cannot stress this enough; play the tutorial if you get this game).
- Some minor bugs but nothing severe.
- The scenarios are little bit repetitative after a while.

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