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Tony Romo stood in front of the media last week and pa sed the quarterback torch to rookie Dak Prescott.It was an emotional moment, seeing someone who has given so much to Dallas having to concede the starting job. For many, the moment Danny Woodhead Jersey was worth praising, but retired cornerback and current ESPN analyst Charles Woodson felt differently."Part of it was selfish," Woodson said during an "NFL Countdown" segment on Mike Bercovici Jersey Sunday.Woodson felt like Romo should have just provided a straight answer about being the backup quarterback. He didn't like the fact that he came in with a prepared speech, and felt like the moment wasn't big enough for such dramatics. MORE: How Dallas has become even better"When I listen to that speech, I thought about myself on December Dreamius Smith Jersey 22, 2015 last year when I called media in and told them that I was retiring," Woodson said. "That's what this sounded like to me. It sounded a little bit dramatic. I thought he was retiring. I thought he was going to say to everyone, 'Look, this is my last year. I'm done playing.'"Woodson continued:"What he did right there, he could've done that at home. We didn't need to see that. He did that for himself. I think it was an easy answer to say, 'You know what, Dak is the quarterback right now. I'm going to back him up.'"

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