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About This Game

In an 18th century symphony of intrigue, your supernatural virtuoso performance begins an overture to war!

Cannonfire Concerto is a 190,000-word interactive novel by Caleb Wilson, where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based--without graphics or sound effects--and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You are the finest musician of the 18th century. Behind fans and opera glasses, audiences whisper that you are a bearer of Genius, a mysterious supernatural power to master your chosen instrument. At the brink of war, spies, generals, and royalty vie for control of the continent. Will you play them all like a fiddle? Who truly holds the strings?

Play as male, female or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, or asexual. For some, romance is a means to an end. For some, it's a sonata duet of love and sex. Perhaps both.

Will you and your Genius achieve immortality, or will the poisoned pens of critics slaughter your career? Will you overthrow the church, bringing forth a new era of enlightenment, or defend your kingdom from a secular invasion?

The concert hall is silent. The Cannonfire Concerto is about to begin.

  • Play as male, female or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, or asexual.
  • Confound the competition with your musical talent on the violin, guitar, or zither.
  • Do you give a private concert, or are you really there to gather intelligence?
  • Join Bonaventure Fox on his conquest for Meropa, or fight him on the side of Rienzi.
  • Romance royalty, or rekindle your relationship with a childhood sweetheart.
  • Rebuild the nation, or leave it behind to begin anew.

Title: Cannonfire Concerto
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Choice of Games
Choice of Games
Release Date: 8 Dec, 2016


That was pretty disappointing. I honestly thought that it woud've been a good story, but I just couldn't get into it. The wording was confusing, and it didn't really make sense. There was a lot of rambling. I honestly can't give this more than a 3\/10.. A great game!. As Choice of Games go, I thought this one was rather straightforward, but still enjoyable. It felt pretty clear to me how your influence directly leads to the end path you choose; nothing was too confusing or hidden. That being said, I still think there's good replay value. Not only can you play for different endings or work with different factions, even changing your base Genius alters the playthrough a good bit. I liked the settings and characters and I would say the tasks were straightforward and not too difficult. Romance options were a bit basic, but still enjoyable. Overall, a quality game :). 7\/10

A solid 'Choice of' game. If you are interested in classical music or being a famous musician. Not the best novel-style game out there, but worth a try if the theme interests you or you can get it on sale.. I think this is a brilliant story, though whether it is a brilliant game or not is a bit debatable. I feel like the summanry given does a poor job explaining the game's stong suits, so I'll give a breif summary. Throughout the game, you are a musicain on tour, traveling through various city states as the land teeter on the edge of war between the Scelerians and Bonaventure. This is the main focus of most of your interactions in the game, though farious factions such as the church, or the freebuilders, also show up. For the romance, I didn't notice it much, and there seems to only be two or three romancable charachters. I think the real joy in the story is in it's road -trip feel, each place you visit feeling distinct and unique, and the descriptions of music though the game were enjoyably well written as well. But the game aspect is a bit... I think it suffers from having too many stats. Many times I would try a particlar action, completely unsper which skill it wouls use, or pick a converstaion topic, and not know ehich one of my skills it would improve. The game also puts a bizzare emphasis on clothing, at certain points, which despite being very blatant, seems to contribute next to nothing. I imagine this game would be very frustrating for someone trying to hunt acheivments or get a specific ending. The best way to play is either ick which options suit you, personally, or imagine a charachter and try to play as them. Despite it's flaws, this game is a imaginitive and charming journey of music, and well worth the four bucks.. My god, this is a pretty friggin good bargain for a few dollars. For starters, the characters were really well fleshed out. Trying to avoid spoilers, I beleive that you can have a good, bad, or ugly relationship with anybody. I have played probably more than I should have. The descriptions are beautiful, and in that sense, it has better graphics than most triple-a titles today. My one and only complaint is that there aren't enough options on where to go, such as returning to cities you have already been. For all of the suckers out there for text based games, I most certainly reccomend it.. This is what COG should be - fun, whimsical, able to paint a whole world in a few lines.
I play it the same way I play Tin Star, revisiting it just because I miss it from time to time. A great world that's loads of fun to explore, and great characters. Genuinely a fun and delightful game.. It's basically set in the Napleonic era, bonvanture is bonapart, scalvia is Russia, phrance is France, and I guess Rienzi is Venetia. So the entire plot seems pretty intriguing: can you help your tiny Italian city state survive the much greater military mights of both France and Russia? Unfortunately though I think the means you can use is actually limited, but still this is a great story, for there are simply too few games that share its background.. Sorry but this writer has a annoying fetish with strong women. Comes over a bit inapropriate with quite a overhang over the story. Would be more enjoyable if any form fetishism would moderated or left out.. this is my sh*t right here

i can finally be a non binary, violining bad a*s genius with a heart of gold :)

in all seriousness this is the best choice your own adventure ive played in a while, a definite recommend for fans of CyoA games.
10\/10 would violin again

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