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Brent Grimes is coming off of back-to-back Pro Bowl seasons in Miami, but before that he had a few challenging stints in Atlanta.He was with the Falcons from 2007-12 before signing aone-year, $5.5 million contract with the Dolphins before the 2013 season.MORE: Week 3 picks| 5-year-old told she Antrel Rolle Jersey can't wear Broncos dre s"I'm very thankful for [the Dolphins] because they treat me very well and I didn't experience that in Atlanta," he said to Vice Sports. "The busine s part in the NFL is tough. It's a rudeawakening that it is a busine s and there's a lot of actual busine s decisions that go on that may not make the most sense."His wife, Miko Grimes, butted in and gave her "translation" of what he really meant."Just because Cyril Richardson Jersey you're the best player on the team doesn't mean you're going to get paid or play. If they do not draft you, you will never be seen as anything until you get an opportunity," she said. "And if that draft pick is a bum ... they're going to continue to play that person even if this guy that wasundrafted is better than him. They can't look bad. They can't look like they drafted the wrong guy."Coming out of small-collegeShippensburg, Grimes went undrafted in 2006. He was signed by the Falconsbut was waived during training camp Patrick Scales Jersey because of agroin injury. The Falcons re-signed him the next year after heplayed in NFL Europe.Grimes was a solid player for the Falcons once he saw an increase in playing time. He had a combined 11 interceptions in the2009 and2010 seasons. He dealt with injuries in 2011 and mi sed the entire 2012 season with a tornAchilles tendon.After 2012 he was a free agent and the Falcons chose not to re-sign him.He hashad two great  years in Miami and is now viewed as one of the best corners in the game. He's off to a strong start in 2015 as well, already recording an interception.

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