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Blood Diamonds Malayalam Movie Download

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Original Title: Blood Diamonds

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Western































The end is near ... in a show told mostly in flashbacks, a wounded Walker ascends through a manufacturing plant, wounded and using his gun one bullet at a time on killers as he recounts the story of a visiting African businessman who collapses from an Ebola-like virus after infecting several people. The businessman, who has since died of the virus, was a pawn in an African diamond-smuggling ring. Now Walker has the diamonds and a whole cartel is in the building going after him. A "Dallas"-like twist ending keeps Walker going (this show and the one after it were doubled up on the same Saturday night after being postponed due to extremely low ratings).
This is yet another ridiculous Walker Texas Ranger episode. None of the shows could be considerd good for the right reasons. Walker has always been a clichéd based show and often just rips off 80's and 90's action films. In other words, it is the perfect project for Chuck Norris. This episode is of course about Blood Diamonds. Walker Texas Ranger is awesome for the fact that every episode has some outrageous over exploited plot line. This episode combines bio-terrorism and blood diamonds. At the end of this episode it turns out to be a dream. Then Walker says a few lines from Alex's dream. A nice blatant use of a cliché. He leaves and she realizes that what he said is from her dream. Walker was shot three times and dying in her dream. You here three gun shots as she runs to stop him from going to work. Then the episode ends. So, is Walker dead, of course not. He's back for the last three episodes. So, what the hell?
i loved watching chucks series all the main cast were very good i think mrs Wilson was always a lady on the series never used fowl words the crooks were crooks and walker always whiped the living daylights out of them and i think he was the best martial arts of them all. and still is. and they will never beat him either he is our favorite in this household any way. everyone to their own the only reason they didn't like his series was because it wasn't fowl. and everyone to their thoughts to what is good on a shows now days his's wasn't blood and gore. or worse. need to make more shows like his was. and sense they have it on right now i have been recording the ones i like best. so yes i give his show a top 10. and as for his age we all get old in life.


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