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Axis Football 2017 Free Download [key Serial Number]

Axis Football 2017 Free Download [key Serial Number]

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About This Game

Axis Football is an American football simulation featuring massive customization and a complete franchise mode.
We are back for our third season with tons of improvements and upgrades!

New in Axis Football 2017

  • Physics-based collisions and player interactions
  • High quality, custom player models
  • In-game uniform editor/created with virtually unlimited customization
  • In-game player editor for easier modding
  • 3-person, broadcast inspired commentary system, featuring the legendary voice of Dan Stevens, who's credits include "NFL 2k5" and "All Pro Football 2K8"
  • Expanded Franchise mode including player progression, drafts, better stat tracking, and more!
  • Redesigned and upgraded UI/UX design.
  • Drastically improved stadium, crowd, and grass graphics

Game Modes

  • Player vs AI
  • Coach Mode: Call the plays and watch the action
  • Spectator Mode: Watch a simulated game between the AI
  • Local Player vs Player
  • Franchise Mode

Franchise Mode Features

  • Unlimited seasons
  • 16 week seasons
  • Playoffs
  • Player progressions based on performance, age, potential, and playtime
  • Drafts featuring 50 years of customizable draft classes
  • Season-long team stats
  • Franchise stats
  • Depth chart control
  • Play, coach, spectate, or simulate your matches
  • League and team schedule viewer
  • Spectate other matches

Game Features

  • 32 unique teams
  • Full uniform control (visors, bands, wraps, sleeves)
  • Day, night, rain, snow and wind conditions
  • Four difficulty levels
  • Choose between aimed or icon/button passing
  • Player fatigue
  • Formation subs and depth charts
  • Supports a variety of controllers
  • Audibles and hot routes
  • Pre-snap defensive shifts

Modable Features

  • Team names, colors, logos and rosters
  • Full player attributes
  • Player portraits
  • Uniforms
  • On-field logos and endzone graphics
  • Cheerleader uniforms
  • Crowd graphics and clothing

Our Story

We are a tiny, dedicated indie team, motivated by the lack of sim football options and determined to deliver a customizable football sim with a deep franchise mode and dynamic gameplay. Our budget for the 2017 game was about $10,000, and the majority of that came from sales from Axis Football 2016. Our small team works on this game during nights (and often early mornings) and weekends, relying on our day jobs to sustain our families and our passion for sim football gaming and the support of the community to continue to improve the Axis Football franchise.

The Future of Axis Football

Axis Football has come a long way in three years, but it's certainly not where we want it to be in terms of graphics and depth of features. We made huge strides from last year and have even bigger plans for what we can accomplish next year. Your purchase and support of this game helps to make those plans a reality. We heavily reinvest back into the game, and we hope that is evident with the progress we've made. We plan to release annual versions of the game with improvements to graphics, animations, features, and more! Let us know what you'd like to see in the game, and share Axis Football with your friends! Find us on Twitter @AxisFootball or Facebook at 7aa9394dea

Title: Axis Football 2017
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Axis Games
Axis Games
Release Date: 16 Aug, 2017


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Better than madden 08 10\/10. The game is in it's infancy stage - so early that you could honestly call it the embryonic stage - and it shows in the gameplay. HOWEVER, despite it's relatively low budget, I am surprised with the game's features and content. It's not Madden (it doesn't have millions of dollars behind it, so of course it won't be) but I think with continued support, 5-10 years down the line, this game could be the PC football game we've all been waiting for. It's not worth $20 atm (more like $12 tbh), but if that's what it takes to support the game's future, I'm willing to dish that out (though I bought it for sale at $15.99, hehe). I definitely recommend it, especially if it's on sale. The PC platform DESPERATELY needs a football game, and we may have it here.. I have only played two quick matches and just started a Franchise on this game thus far so it's hard to give a full review but I am excited to get another positive review posted for this game.

The Sad Truth:
~This isn't Madden. You are not going to see a sweat covered Gronk making a nice cinamatic one handed grab for a TD, followed by a signature spike.
~The graphics are decent at best and gameplay physics can be annoying and silly.

The Exciting Facts:
~This is a Football game on Steam people. I'm not a big console guy and don't want to buy a new console just for Madden games. If you feel the same way, this game will be a great pick up for you.
~NFL Mods and NCAA Mods are available for download and can be easily installed. You can play games with your NFL or college team of choice.
~This has everything a football game NEEDS. You pick your play, read the opposing side and control your player to make the best plays possible for team. All basic player movements are available. Sprint, spin, dive, jump and juke are all weapons at your disposal.
~You get to manage your favorite NFL or College team in a really cool Franchise mode.


Isn't going to be beating Madden anytime soon, but if you are a PC gamer who loves Football and wants to be able to play a game as their favorite team every once in a while or maybe play a mock Super Bowl game or something silly this is a must purchase for you. Plus by taking the $20 chance on this game you are opening the door for Axis to be able to stand up against EA in upcoming years. With Football season around the corner and fantasy draft dates getting set I couldn't resist and expect myself to be playing a lot of this game in coming months.. Really really wanted to like the game and in a way, it is it is the only Football (American) game for PC.

But the game is just barebones, the franchise mode is just in name. No actual franchise mode at all.

The gameplay seems to be missing penalties? Which again just proves that it is barebones...unfortunately.... I just bought this game lasat night. Now, I have read some real unfair reviews of your product. For some reason they expect Madden on the PC. EA may have the budget, but Axis has the heart! This game rocks! Just finished a game wherein the PC and myself had a scoring frenzie, and it was a BLAST!!!

If you are purchasing this game expecting a polished product with millions of dollars poured into it's development, then go get a console and get Madden. However, if you like football on the PC, and love the creative hearts of small software companys on a limited budget; still publishing quality games, look no further than Axis 2017. I have 2015, 2016, and now 2017; I love them all!!! Each season keeps getting just a little better. Keep up the good work!!! You guys rock!. The customization is extremely good, and the graphics are pretty good. However, when playing the game, is is far from even being close to simulating what happens in a football game. Some of the inconsistancies were laughable. I dragged a player with my feet for 20 yards, I played on hall of fame level and there were 23 interceptions in the game, and finally, the announcer kept saying that one team had a "two-score" lead when the game score was 49-0 !! Tecmo bowl on nintendo showed more realistic statistics. I just cannot endorse this game until they fix the gameplay and the horrible mistakes of the annouincers. The online videos by the devs said that they poured a lot of time in the franchise mode. That is a good thing...but why have a super franchise mode, when the statistics are all crazy? Why carry a team through season after season averaging 20 plus interceptions in a 20-minute game? This game has more potential in customizing and mods than Madden ever dreamed of having...but unless they make game statistics believable... they will never replace that franchise.. Was able to put up 22 sacks and a 50-0 score in a 5 minute quarter game against a 'Hall of fame' difficulty CPU.

CPU Cs just wander into no man's land after the snap. If you player control a blitzing MLB you can just run around him and sacks come thick and fast to shut down their offense.

When with the ball, scoring is not much harder, running it becomes a simple case of getting it into the secondary. DL and LBs are quick but DBs stand there gaumless for a few seconds as you get the 1st down and more a lot of the time.

Shame really, I like the game otherwise and was looking for a decent alternate Madden. Hopefully this series can be one in the future.

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