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Original Title: 30 Minutes To Air

Genge: Action,Sci-Fi,Thriller















































Kiera and Carlos work to free hostages including Dillon, taken prisoner by Liber8 at a television station. Meanwhile, Kellog and Alec's business alliance falls apart, turning the two men from partners to adversaries.
Insp. Dillon's daughter Christine is arrested after unfurling a protest banner atop the corporate headquarters of Farmetas. It puts both the police department and Dillon in a bad light. Dillon appears on Diana Bolton's TV show but the interview is interrupted when Liber8 takes over the studio. They're demanding satellite time and the right to make a statement but Kiera doesn't understand why they don't just hack into the network like they've done in the past. It's all part of a broader plan. Kiera manages to contact Alec but doesn't realize she talking to present day Alec and not the one from her future. Matthew Kellog tries to rekindle his relationship with present day Alec but is rebuffed. Alec offers him a financial settlement to cover their previous business affairs but Kellog doesn't take it well.

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