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Top 10 Wonderful Simulation Games You Should Not Miss

Are you passionate about playing simulation games on your PC?! Let's find out about some great simulation games on the smartphone.

You enjoy playing simulation games like The SIMS on your computer or playing Farm games on social networking sites. Now, these games are already on your smartphone. 

The best thing about simulation games is that they have real-time functions and this feature also appears on the games in your smartphone. No more time to waste harvesting resources because everything will be on your notifications.

Introduce to you the top 10 most eminent simulation games on the Android.

Fallout Shelter



Fallout Shelter is a bit like "This War of Mine", but it looks a lot more fun and colourful. For example, the task of forcing a player to put a woman and a man in the bedroom for a certain period of time to create a good child, or if there is an accident (fire, the insects, etc.), the people in that room must stop all work and solve it quickly

What you need to notice in the Fallout Shelter mobile game is the production progress of the resources and the number of people in the tunnel as well as the number of rooms depending on the number of resources they have.

For example, the more rooms you have, the bigger the room, the more electricity you spend. The more people eat, the more food you need.

Egg, Inc.

Playing this game is a fun experience due to the simulated nature is somewhat quick and unexpected. You will start work in Egg, Inc. by repeatedly pressing on a red button on the screen to create the chickens.

The process of creating chickens is also completely ignored. At first glance, this would be like turning a chicken to go into a cage rather than raising a chicken. Further, the main task of the player in Egg, Inc. will be just that.

If there are other activities besides "rolling" then it is also pressing, but press to "Upgrade". To upgrade, there must be money; money is born from the number of chickens that you roll into the camp. 

The chicken can lay eggs; the eggs can be upgraded to carry a higher value. Once you have the money, you will expand the chicken's area, up for the interior services such as renting car carts, improving the quality of chickens and having some new buildings.

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In Godus, the player will have the opportunity to transform into a god who has the power to "call on the earth," to help humanity go up from primitive civilisation, explore the wild, fight and more.

Like the other mobile games, Godus has integrated developers optimised control by touch. The game also supports multiplayer mode so you can compete with other players.

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Bio Inc.



Compared to other simulation games, Bio Inc. particularly unique and somewhat more turbulent when you will perform the task of creating a disease, then controlling the patients so that they can not recover. 

You can stimulate the symptoms to kill the patient faster. Experiences in Bio Inc. are very open, you can play in many different ways, happy to adjust to your wishes.

Does these game make you happy? Let's find out with us in the next article about the other six remaining games! Please leave your comments and experiences on these games to us.

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