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The Ehcache configuration for ehcache-replicated.xml mentioned in the config a fixed remoteObjectPort , within the cacheManagerPeerListenerFactory . 4 Nov 2014 The firewall on master JBoss server was blocking the replication to the master. Issue is resolved. It is worth to read this article in similar cases, 9 Jan 2018 So by default remoteObjectPort is dynamically allocated and TCP JRASERVER-64976 Include firewall configuration into JIRA DC docs.Ehcache's own integration tests provide complete examples of RMI-based replication. The best example is the integration test for Also, if you are specifying RMI URLs in your ehcache.xml - then those To lock it down you specify the port and remoteObjectPort as shown After initial setup, it is possible for a server to enter a cluster by setting the remoteObjectPort}, socketTimeoutMillis=${alfresco.ehcache.rmi. no security manager is set and there are no special JVM configuration requirements. Integer port, Integer remoteObjectPort, CacheManager cacheManager, The Ehcache configuration file ehcache-failsafe.xml mentioned in the Spring . specify a fixed remoteObjectPort , within the cacheManagerPeerListenerFactory . 4 Aug 2015 So to fix it, we need to configure ehcache to only use 2 ports. The "remoteObjectPort" does the magic. So we have this ehcache.xml An ehcache.xml corresponds to a single CacheManager. . remoteObjectPort - the port number on which the remote objects bound in the registry receive calls.


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