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What would be the correct or generally accepted pronunciation of Tuatha de Danaan . Could any of you help me with the correct pronunciation of "Mag Tuireadh" and the name Loegaire? Link to an audio pronunciatiion Learning some of the basics of pronunciation for Old Irish can therefore be a .. Cath Maige Tuired ('[Second] Battle of Mag Tured') — KATH MAG-a TOO-radh and Breton. They pronounce the same words slightly di. Pronunciation Guide . Magh Tuireadh, MOYG TEARa (oy as boy and tear fallng from the eye). Please --- The First Battle of Magh Tuiread Thanks so much ! Cristi. like it's followed by a "u" :? I've seen it as Maigh Tuireadh -- my TUR-uhHow do you say magh tuireadh in English? Pronunciation of magh tuireadh found 1 audio voice for magh tuireadh. How do you say Mag Tuired? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Mag Tuired on pronouncekiwi. Magh Cuillean Moy Cullin. Magh Feabhail Moy Fowl. Magh Macraimhe Moy Mucrivva. Magh Mell Moy Mal. Magh Rein Moy Raen. Magh Tuireadh Moytirra. How do you say Mag Tuireadh? Listen to the audio pronunciation of Mag Tuireadh on pronouncekiwi.


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