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Hp 61 refill instructions

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LD Inkjet Refill Kit for Hewlett Packard CH564WN (HP 61XL) Color Ink Cartridges BCH Dye Ink Cartridge Refill Kit for HP 21 56 27 60 61 62 63 64 65 92 94 96Step-?by-?Step Instructions. (PRINT this set of instructions to follow every time you refill your cartridge). HP 61 and 61XL Color. Yellow. Magenta. Cyan. 23 Jan 2018 Learn how to refill your cartridge with our HP 61 Ink Refill Kit. 7 Jan 2014 First, find the refill hole. This is in the middle for the HP 61 black cartridge. For the HP 61 tri-color cartridge, yellow is in the top middle, magenta is in the middle left, and cyan is in the middle right. Stick the needle down until it pierces through the sponge, and then start injecting the HP 61 ink. 15 May 2018 27 Oct 2018 This manual is for refilling original HP (OEM) cartridges. If you have a BCH refillable cartridge, please visit this link: 11 Jan 2018 Instructions for Refilling HP Cartridge 61 and 61XL Inkjet Cartridges for HP Inkjet Printers.


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