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My IT! was developed to help learners with literacy, numeracy and language skills needs to gain ICT competencies in a very practical manner.

My IT! is made up of seventeen exercises each of which is designed as an interactive web-based environment through which the learner gains competency by doing basic ICT tasks and accessing internet based services.

They are available on a CD and live on the internet by clicking the My IT! Live tab in this web site.

The products which support My IT! are:

  • My IT! Tutor Induction Programme
  • My IT! Booklet
  • My IT! CD plus case

If you wish to download a PDF of the My IT! Booklet click on the Learner tab in the Resources section of this web site. Likewise the Tutor Induction Programme can be downloaded by clicking on the Tutor tab.

These publications are available for download in three languages; English, Italian and Slovenian.

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